This Too Shall Pass: What I Realized After New Orleans
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This Too Shall Pass: What I Realized After New Orleans

"Just because the storm passed doesn't mean it's over"

This Too Shall Pass: What I Realized After New Orleans
Paige Gale

All storms end and wars don't last forever. This too shall pass. That is how I started my philosophy of life speech back in 12th grade. It was how I was living my life at that time and it's how I still live my life. After a missions trip to New Orleans, that whole saying had a new and totally different meaning to me. Seeing a real, physical storm and the damage it caused was a life changing and mind blowing experience. Just because the storm passed doesn't mean it's over.

My team and I had driven through the Lower 9th Ward. That's the area of New Orleans that got the most amount of flooding and damage. There were houses that were still boarded up and had the X's on them. That's where the phrase that I had always used to help me became something that I think all of those people probably needed to hear or needed to remember. The kindness that was shown in many different ways while I was down there was evident that they were trying to remember that the storm will pass.

Even though New Orleans and the impact that Katrina had on it is one example, I think that there are many different ways that the saying "this too shall pass" can be used. Honestly, I think that this can apply to everyone. If you're going through a rough time that doesn't seem to end, know that it'll pass. Once you get through it, you'll see that it was needed to shape you. And that's how I will always try to live my life because all of use are going to go through some rough times. Sometimes, there is no end in sight and there doesn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Know that no matter how dark. The world might seem and how alone you might feel, know that once the storm passes, you will see the light and the abundance of people that love you. That is something that I cannot stress enough. I know what it's like to be in the middle of the storm and feel so totally and completely alone. My hope that any of you in the middle of the storm will listen to me when I say that you are so far from being alone.

My whole goal of this article is that y'all know and understand that storms do end, wars don't last for ever and this too shall pass. 17 year old me said it, and almost 20 year old me keeps saying it and will keep believing it. I can give you so many different examples in my life where the storm has passed. Just don't give up and keep walking. If you weren't strong enough to handle whatever it you are going through, you wouldn't be going through it. And you are so far from being alone. There are friends and family that will battle the storm with you because they love you.

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