The Stages of Doneness with This Election
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On a scale of one to bye, I'm gonna go through the phases of how done I am with this election.

I will of course describe these by one of the most valuable online tools, Rihanna memes.

When your aunts and cousins ask you how you feel about Clinton's emails and you write back about the Bush's administrations emails and they "mark as unread..."

When you're about to start War World III on a politically charged facebook post from someone you went to youth group with in middle school and they're messaging you about to say how he thinks "You've changed"

this is the same face I make when lurking a potential bae's page and see he retweeted a pro trump status.

When your mom has a talk with you about arguing with your Aunt Kitty on facebook and posting too many progressive statuses...

When you try to explain to Trump supporters that the hateful and inaccruate article they posted is from a non credible propaganda website and they say things like "Well, these are the facts." Or when you try to describe how sexist the media has been and why your Uncle Jack keeps insessently posting memes about HIllary not being able to keep Bill in line but ignores your posts about Trump's child rape allegations and multiple interviews where he encourages sexual assault and slut shaming.

When you think you know someone and they start spitting out hate mongering rhetoric they heard from Trump and Pence.

When people say they'll vote for Jill Stein or won't vote because they don't want Trump to win and aren't sure about Hillary.

When you hear people talk about how Trump's tax cuts and immigration policy will help America.

And they really believe it...

When they call you unamerican for not supporting Trump...

And they think he has made great strides for women and will continue to do so and are safe with raising children under his reign and yet again ignore his child rape case and remarks encouraging sexual assault and then they say they'll pray for you on fb.

When people accuse you of only voting for HIllary because you're a woman, insult your intelligence, and assume that you're too blindsided by mahating feminism and liberal rhetoric to see that Trump is the racist, old, and orange savior they think we all need. When really you have your qualms about HC but you really just don't want the apocalypse to happen or all of government spending to be on KKK hoods and pro rapist legislation.

When people start posting don't shoot the clowns but are still reblogging Tomi Lahren's videos supporting police brutality against blacks and anti-Mexican hate speech.

When your family member share a pro Trump and anti HIllary meme with literally no factual information and you know they've never watched a debate in their life and have relied only on your racist drunk Uncle's facebook posts to narrate this election and you realize you need to change your last name and move out of state.

when someone from your hometown who still sits in their parents basement trying to make it pro in WOW decides to take a fb break and comment about how you're not taking all sides into consideration and must be a man hater or a lesbian to like HIllary.

Scrolling down my feed, walking down the street, realizing Americans have been brainwashed by Trump and are dumb enough to post about it on the internet and make t-shirts saying so.


when you win a facebook argument about the election and someone you've hated since high school deletes you

When someone is trying to explain how they're not racist or sexist but are pro-Trump

When you tell your family you've had it with their fb propaganda and are about to block them all and they keep posting pro-trump hate speech so you cry tears of joy

When you realize you need to go to work this week and can't be spending 12 hours a day fighting with people and speaking truth about Trump's terrible ideas and hateful rhetoric and you realize you can't save us all.

When you gotta delete your pro trump family, exes family, current boo thing, and all your high school friends out of your real life for their comments and move abroad to do volunteer work and not respond to their letters ever.

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