With the recent release and popularity of "Pokémon Go," there has been a decent amount of controversy surrounding it. A number of comics has been released to show that side and how some people are thinking, though I disagree with it. Here are two examples of what I’m talking about.

The second comic is a classic stereotype that millennials can't focus on more than one concept or problem at a time, which is the complete opposite of what is really true. Believe it or not, young people can play a game that helps us get out and exercise, and still care about certain important issues. Most people I know my age are actually over-focused on the world's problems and feel as though they have to personally solve them. The idea that young people cannot "unplug" from the internet or just social media in general, or that they need it to survive is just outrageous. For many generations, there have been quotes from different writers saying their younger generation is also outrageous and out of control. This is simply a cycle of different generations thinking that the younger one is slacking and more entitled than they were. Social media can be a positive and a negative, but that doesn't mean everyone that uses it is addicted to it or relies on it for life support. That's a complete exaggeration and projects an identity onto young people the majority of don't fit into.

The point of all this is to show the idea of young people being lazy has been around for a long while (even before our parents' time). These ideas and stereotypes do not define us or generations that come after us. We can lead successful lives and still have fun playing "Pokémon Go" in our free time.