The Single Parent

For a decent part of my life I stayed with my father more than my mother. In that short time I have never witnessed more strength and love than I have for my father who is not married, cooks, cleans, and makes sure I have everything I need. His main concern is my health, safety, and overall happiness. In a stereotypical relationship the father and mother figures fill in rolls that generally one parent doesn't, but the fact that the single parent takes the challenge of both sides shows they might have more strength than two parents together. Single parents like this do not get enough credit for all that they do.

A single parent is a role model for what strength truly is. Let's be real here, how many people could actually have a child and raise him or her on their own? Not many. You put your children first in every life decision you make and consider every outcome that could make or break them. I didn't realize this until later in life. This is without a doubt the most unselfish act of love.

This kind of situation is normally undesirable. Not many people want to raise their kids by themselves. Even society prefers families with parents of two. I may not have children, but I've had enough experience with them to somewhat understand how hard it can be. They aren't always easy to handle and they don't always want to listen. Children aren't things you just feed and sit in front of the TV. They need love, attention and someone to teach them right from wrong. Add that on top of having a full time job and you've obviously have your work cut out for you.

These are the parents that must bring their kids to everything because they don't have a significant other to watch them. Sometimes they're lucky to have other family help out, but other family can only do so much, and god bless them for it. They their hands full 24/7 with small to no break in between. They make dinner, help with homework, pick them up from practice, support their sports teams, and attend special events. It's not always rainbows and sunshine either; I've been known to clash with my father on more than one occasion. There is a noticeable difference when there isn't another parent figure around; especially if they are opposite genders. Fighting is bound to happen, but doesn't make or break the relationship with them. Harder doesn't mean impossible. At the end of the day you have one another, and that's all that really matters.

I did not have a single parent my whole life, but for a good portion of it I felt as though I did. As I grow older I begin to appreciate more and more of what my father has done for me in my lifetime and understand the decisions he has made to make sure I had the best future possible. Single parents do not get enough credit in the world for what they do and how much they do. Until you have walked 100 miles in their shoes you cannot judge them. Being a parent is a life long rewarding committment and if I am even half as amazing as my father is, than I know I will have succeeded as one.

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