The Similarities Between Biff Tannen And Donald Trump
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The Similarities Between Biff Tannen And Donald Trump

Why red or blue doesn't matter, but not voting for a villain does.

The Similarities Between Biff Tannen And Donald Trump

Michael Bloomberg outlined the dichotomy of America's political system when he stated, "Neither political party has a monopoly on good ideas or strong leadership." Regardless of his unpopular opinion, he continued to pronounce, in his speech at the Democratic National Convention, that he will be voting for Hillary Clinton. This former Republican mayor of New York City emphasized the importance of getting the vote out against Donald Trump.

As a voter myself, I also do not wear red or blue and think both parties equally stand in the way of different areas--the Republicans halting climate change and the Democrats halting deficit reduction. This November, I will not pick a party label on my ballot; instead, I will choose the best candidate. And as this rollercoaster election unwinds, I have come to the manifest conclusion that there is no possible way I can select Donald Trump. I simply can’t support a bigot. A megalomaniac. A demagogue. A failed businessman. An irrational decision maker. And most importantly, anyone who resembles Biff Tannen.

For anyone who does not know who Biff Tannen is, watch "Back to The Future" (movies 1, 2, and 3) and you will see a greasy egomaniac with an all-too-familiar hairstyle. There are specific similarities that are undeniable, and quite obvious, which is why I'm noting the resemblances between our GOP candidate and Cinema's Most Sleazy Villain.

1. The hair

I might as well start with the hair. It’s greasy. It’s outdated. And it’s probably not real. America, this is not a subject for discussion. I assure both parties can agree on a mutual distaste for this hairstyle.

2. The tower

This, again, is an obvious similarity between the two men. Trump Tower is a more realistic name and used for reasons other than gambling (I think). Biff’s Tannen's Pleasure Paradise has an uncanny resemblance to the golden-worded skyscraper owned by Mr. Trump.

3. The colloquial

Over the past year, Donald Trump has attained an unbelievably vast audience—though most of his followers are not diverse and seem likeminded on the issue of diversity. He has acquired this control behind the power of the First Amendment. He has refuted, shouted, cursed, sworn, insulted, and said about every politically incorrect remark that is thinkable. However, it has been reported that his supporters enjoy his political incorrectness, as he says what he feels. This reminds me of Biff Tannen’s rampage on many characters in the "Back To The Future" movies but most importantly, in the sequel, when he beat down his wife mentally and physically, using phrases akin to what Mr. Trump has presented to us in the past year, over the Internet, in live debates, and during press conferences.

4. The treatment of women

When I watched Biff Tannen’s meltdown on his wife, and his snide remarks toward a woman’s body, status, and ability, I noticed an odd similarity to Donald Trump’s comments. Trump summed up his sexist attitude himself when he said, in 1991, "You know, it doesn't really matter what [they] write as long as you've got a young and beautiful piece of ass.” Fast forward to the past five years, when he has been classifying other women in politics—such as Hillary Clinton, Ariana Huffington, and Megan Kelly—as “bimbos” and “unable to satisfy a man,” and has further included the barbaric questioning of their menstruation. I strongly believe that this indecency stems from a long history of disrespect to women as a whole, rather than the simple stones and knives being thrown at your opponent.

5. The disrespect of his own people

In the first of the "Back To the Future" movie, there was this scene where Biff came charging into the McFly residence—whose patriarch worked for Mr. Tannen—and brutalized the man for not “properly performing a favor.” Biff began banging on Mr. McFly’s head, shouting, “Hello! Anybody in there?!” This incident is akin to the insults Donald Trump has made this past year toward his own supporters. One in particular, when Mr. Trump reportedly insulted the Iowan voters by saying, "How stupid are the people of Iowa? How stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap?” People of Iowa, you deserve better.

So all I have done is simply state the similarities between a fictional villain and one in real life. Biff Tannen and Donald Trump are both sexist, egotistical, power-hungry, selfish, disrespectful, and most importantly, not leader like. These imperative similarities cannot be negated or else our White House will be run by a man who does not care for the liberty and virtue of his people—whether they voted for him or not. With that being said, if you do not want the next four years to resemble Biff Tannen’s brief and destructive rule in "Back To The Future II," then do not vote for Trump. As I said, I am neither a Democrat or Republican, but I am choosing—like Michael Bloomberg—to make the safe, non-seismic step toward maintaining America’s “greatness.” I'm doing this by voting for Hillary Clinton.

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