In 1993, a living legend took the Supreme Court bench and has been dissenting ever since. Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) is no stranger to adversity and used every bump in the road to fuel her neverending success. If you don't know who she is, yikes.

1. Out of a 500 person class at Harvard, she was ONE of NINE women.

Imagine walking into a class, let alone a law class, full of men while being a woman. Not only did RBG do this, she accepted this as a challenge and took it head on.

2. Before taking the bench, RBG had SIX landmark cases under her belt.

Landmark cases change the course of history and law. RBG successfully argued in favor of justice on the behalf of wives, women, and anybody being discriminated against within the fine print of the law.

3. She was a student and a mother simultaneously.

In 2019, we still have people who say that a woman can't have it all, meaning that they cannot have a family AND a career. Bader Ginsburg proved that this mentality is absolute ludicrous. A woman can have whatever she wants, AND do it while her body is growing and raising children.

4. RBG is the second woman to ever sit on the United States Supreme Court.

Imagine trying to outshine that amazing legacy. After Sandra Day O'Connor became the first woman to sit on the SCOTUS, Bader Ginsburg followed close behind.

5. She's 85 years old and still works out routinely...

Talk about a woman who's ready to kick some butt!

6. When RBG received tenure at Columbia Law School, she was the first woman ever to do so...

Considering the gender discrimination that she endured all throughout her life, including during her professional pursuits, it was an amazing accomplishment.

7. Bader Ginsburg is Jewish.

Imagine the discontent of Supreme Court justices who openly oppose not only women but people who are not of Christian faith. Add that to the never-ending list of reasons why RBG continues to smash stereotypes and prove everyone wrong.

Fun fact, Sandra Day O'Connor was also Jewish.

8. Cancer never dulled her shine.

While many know that RBG has triumphed over cancer, not many know that cancer as a whole has affected her life in more ways than just that. Her husband, Martin, died of cancer and so did her mother. Unfortunately, RBG's mom died one single day before her high school graduation meaning that Bader Ginsburg did not walk across the stage with her class.

Despite everything, she continues to live life to the fullest.

10. She uses Tumblr...

Now, we ALL know what's on Tumblr but RBG likes to keep up with her grandchildren and that means hopping on to check out the latest stuff! What an icon and the best part is that she knows she's an icon.