With Halloween fast approaching people are running to get their last minute costume, or maybe they already have one. If you're one of the people who don't, maybe this list will inspire a mythical masterpiece. I hope you enjoy my list of the signs as mythical creatures.

1. Capricorn- Chupacabra

The Chupacabra is commonly known as a creature who sucks the blood of goats and other livestock. This is somewhat a juxtaposition as the sign for the Capricorn is the goat.

2. Aquarius- Hippocampus

The Hippocampus is of Greek Mythology and is described as a half fish, half horse hybrid. Aquarius' are often confused as to whether or not they are a water or air sign, making the Hippocampus appropriate for them. (Aquarius is actually an air sign despite the waves.)

3. Pisces-Mermaid

Mermaids are considered one of the most entrancing creatures on this list. They've been known to draw in sailors and lead them to destruction. This may also be true of the, at times, emotionally distant Pisces. Pisces are often sensitive and do not know how to express their inner feelings, or when they do they come off as blunt and harsh. A Mermaid could just as soon be friendly as fiesty. Remember the Mermaids in the Black Lake in Harry Potter?

4. Aries- Satyr

The Satyr is a rambunctious and charismatic creature. Much like the bright and smooth talking Aries, the Satyr has a penchant for fun and festivities. You'll likely find these party animals out at the bars on Friday night.

5. Taurus- Minotaur

The Minotaur is described as having the body of a human and the head of a bull. Not only is the bull the symbol for the Taurus, it accurately represents the hard-headed stubbornness of the sign. They don't easily give in to outside pressure and you might have to be as charming as an Aries to convince them of an opinion other than their own.

6. Gemini- Shapeshifter

The Shapeshifter can be whoever they want to be. Whether it be human, werewolf, the next door neighbors teacup piggy or your grandmas dentures. The Gemini is known for being two people in one lending them a reputation as two-faced. Most times, however, they're just going with the flow of things, much like the Shapeshifter.

7. Leo- Sphinx

The Sphinx is very ferocious and does not give second chances easily. This is very reminiscent of the fiery Leo. It is not wise to cross the Leo or they might just bite your head off.

8. Cancer- Kracken

The Kracken lies silently beneath the oceans surface until disturbed. Once disturbed it is a force to be reckoned with destroying all in its path. Much the same, the Cancer can also be easy to anger when you stir up their waters. However, most times they tend to be a calm and collected individual.

9. Virgo- Elves

The Elven are often portrayed as quiet creatures that keep to themselves, but can be equally as fierce if it is required of them. Think of Legolas from Lord of the Rings. They also have a certain charm about them that mirrors that of the Virgo closely.

10. Libra- Hippogriff

If anyone has seen Harry Potter, they know of our friend the Hippogriff. If you haven't, Professor Hagrid is teaching the students about magical creatures. One of which is the Hippogriff. There are steps you must take (and take them carefully) to win it's trust and respect. If not you'll end up in the infirmary, possibly with broken limbs. Libras tend to be very choosy about their friends and it is unwise to overstep your boundaries with them. They are usually good judges of character.

11. Scorpio- Basilisk

The Basilisk is another Harry Potter creature that's legacy lives on throughout the series. It is most known for looks that can kill and deadly venom. Much the same, most Scorpios have a sharp tongue and can end any conversation with an award winning death glare. They also tend to be sharp and good at quick quips of humor.

12. Sagittarius- Centaur

The Centaur is bold and wild, much like our Sagittarian. Most of them have a knack for adventure, and know the best hang out spots in town. You'd probably find them with the outgoing Aries.