The Seven Dwarfs As College Students
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The Seven Dwarfs As College Students

You Dopey, Happy, Bashful, Doc, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy college student, you!

The Seven Dwarfs As College Students

Being a college student means being one of the 7 dwarfs from Snow White; sometimes being all of them simultaneously. Being a freshman, I cannot speak for any of the older years, but this is my college experience so far. You, the reader, are Snow White, and just as the dwarfs opened their arms and home to her, I open my wee freshman mind and reasoning to you…

1. Dopey

The day finally comes around when you arrive on campus, and here you are, the wide-eyed freshman. You may not yet realize it, but all the non-freshman see you exactly like this. You are the most gullible and easily impressed organism on campus. Every little thing about the new environment dazzles you. You mean you just get a T-shirt for showing up???? There's soft serve in the dining hall???? I live only a few steps from my best friend??? No bed time???? No curfew??? Freedom???!

2. Happy

Now you are the free little independent freshman walking around campus. How very college of you! Freshman orientation comes to an end and classes begin. The workload hits you from day 1, immediately throwing you in the water with the big fish. You, the little fish, (regardless of being the little fish) is just really happy to be there. You camp out at the library with your nose in the books, snapchatting your workload and posting it to your story: #college.

3. Bashful

Oh you adorable little hardworking freshman!! You have been blessed with a clean slate. What people know about you as of that moment is limited entirely to the photos on social media and the in person small talk during awkward run-ins in the hall. Anytime anybody new smiles or says hey, you get all giddy. Like when you go out and the older girls tell you they like your outfit, or that cute boy down the hall smiles at you. In an environment where getting an A in any course is near impossible, any slight sign of affection gets you blushing. Remember that one time you contributed to a class discussion and your professor smiled and said "Yes! Exactly!" or that other time when your professor wrote "Well done!" on the top of your paper? Oh shucks you don't mean that. I mean, it was okay I guess. It really wasn't thaaaat good. I'm nothing special. Omg staaaahp.

4. Doc

Being a college student, even for the few weeks I have been one, I have been the local doctor quite a few times. The mental and physical health and well being of your friends is one of your top priorities. This means staying up late to provide comfort when they're upset, being that shoulder to cry on at all times. Mainly though, the dirty truth of college is that it's #college!! And being #college, everyone's mindset is always "#COLLEGE!" and they party like it. So, therefore being a college student means being the mommy of the group. When your friends go a tad bit too hard for a football game or a party, you're gonna end up holding up hair and cleaning up sheets. But you do so with a smile. Pay it forward, ya feel?

5. Sleepy

You don't sleep. And if you do, it's not for long. Nights are spent studying and no matter how tired you may be, you gotta rally and go out again because #college remember? Naps become a real thing... daily naps become a very real thing. Every free hour during the day is towards playing catch up. Sometimes I don't even understand how I am so tired all the time. College is sleep deprivation. And no matter what, you'll never get used to that.

6. Sneezy

So, you the independent college student doesn't sleep, eats irregularly and is living in a petri dish... everyone gets sick. If one person gets a virus, everyone gets a virus. A cold? Everyone's cold. Your body is so not used to living so closely with this many other people and to be honest, neither are you. Which explains why you are also...

7. Grumpy

...Grumpy!! Tensions run high in the college life. Your roommate, your best friend, is leaving their shoes out a little too much. The academic course load just keeps building. You haven't been able to hit the gym and get the endorphins flowing enough. You woke up late and had a banana for breakfast. You never seem to have any of that money mom gave you last week. You spent hours on that paper and the professor only gave you a B. You are sleep deprived. You are sleep deprived. You are sleep deprived.

So, to the Dopey, Happy, Bashful, Doc, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy college student...

Hi hoooooo hi hoooo it's off to work we go!!!!!!

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