The Secret Life Of A Target Fanatic

There's nothing quite as satisfying as stepping into a Target with money in the bank and time to kill. Even if you are short on funds, Target will find a way to coerce you into a shopping spree, and who's complaining? It's a store with a little something for everybody. I can proudly say I am a total Target fanatic, and I know I'm not alone. This is for my other Target groupies out there so we can bond over our obsessive devotion to this sacred space.

1. Being blessed with the Eighth Wonder of the World: the dollar section

If you spend more than ten seconds strolling through the dollar section, you will likely find some cute notecards, fuzzy socks, a water bottle, and stickers you didn't know you needed. But, since this is the dollar section, you remind yourself these purchases won't break the bank. Even if the items actually cost a couple of dollars each, who's keeping score?

2. Embracing the splendor of Mossimo and Xhilaration clothing.

Admit it, these brand names make up at least half of your closet.

3. Stocking up on Market Pantry and Archer Farms food.

It's hard to turn down some reasonably priced snacks.

4. Forgiving Target for putting holiday stuff out so early merely because their holiday sections always rocks.

Okay, I can't say I'm thrilled to see Valentine's Day merchandise everywhere the day after Christmas, but this candy selection is superb and I guess I can let it slide.

5. Expressing great appreciation for the built-in Starbucks shops located in some special Target stores.

Sipping a latte while trotting up and down each and every aisle makes for a good day.

6. Strutting through the toy and game aisles and feeling like a kid again.

Let's face it, there are some good games stashed back there. Even so, the toys are pretty fun too. You're never too old to appreciate a cool Lego set.

7. Browsing the home decor section and channeling some serious interior decorator vibes.

Oh yes, I love that painting! It would look so good hanging over this table. Oh and I definitely need some new decorative pillows for the couch. And while I'm at it, I'll just grab this lamp, those candles, and this strange metallic swan to hang on the wall. Yeah, these are good purchases.

8. Feeling slightly offended that Target puts bathing suits out in December, but then getting over it because it means winter clothes go on sale.

It's like I want to be a little mad, but now I can afford that cute jacket I've been eyeing since early October...

9. Accepting the fact that you could probably jump right in as a Target employee since you basically know the exact layout of the store and where everything is.

Might as well give me my red shirt now.

10. Going to Target for one or two specific things, getting distracted, buying ten things you don't need, then leaving without the items you came for in the first place.

It gives you a good excuse to go back.

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