I crave for colors to fill my life, since you washed every shade away.
Even though scientifically humans are able to distinguish 10 million different shades.
I dream to become bigger, to defend myself when your lies fuck me over.
Even though National Geographic claims that our DNA stretches out to Pluto and back.
I wish for more energy, for I've grown perpetually tired thinking about us.
Even though every day our bodies produce enough energy to drive a truck 32 kilometres out.
I yearn to inherit a better brain, then I'd be able to understand you're pernicious to me.
Even though our brains create enough energy to light a table lamp.
And every time I let you break me, I aspire for a tenacious heart.
Even though, our hearts contain enough electrical impulse to continue beating when discharged from the human body.
And even though,
science can explain the reality of feelings,
why we feel the way we do,
why a heartbreak hurts so much,
we are still unable to find a cure for it
besides time -
but does that mean our bodies eventually get accustomed to it?
or do we just fill up the hole with others?