Let's get one thing straight, having your period monthly and regularly means that your body is healthy and doing what it is supposed to do. And although we are happy about being healthy and strong women, if we are being real, being on your period isn't exactly fun. Nor is being on your period a magical and fun adult thing that we get the privilege to be apart when we come of age.

Menstruation, your monthly friend, moon day, your period, or whatever else you want to call it is unpredictable. One minute you think you know what to expect when your time of the month rolls around. And then the next minute you are experiencing something completely different from what you were expecting.

There are all types of symptoms, tasks, and issues that come along and must be dealt with during that time of the month. And these things definitely vary from person to person. So let's talk about just nine, not so fun things that we women may experience when we get our periods.

1. Cramps and other pains


Everyone knows about period cramps. Some are bearable, sometimes it hurts really, and at other times it feels like you are in labor. They are definitely the real deal but they are the only thing that causes pain during periods. Additionally, headaches and aching muscles cause you pain and discomfort during your cycles as well. Isn't that great?

2. You feel like you are going crazy


During your period your emotions are constantly all over the place. You can get easily stressed and sometimes you just don't feel like your normal self. And honestly, all most of us can do is tell ourselves to take a breath and wait it out.

3. Bloating


There are a few days prior to your period where you suddenly feel bigger and you don't understand what's going on with your body. And right when you have convinced yourself to get off the couch and stop eating ice cream, you realize you are bigger than usual because your bloated and your period is coming. After this realization, you sigh with relief and continue on eating ice cream!

4. The little things get to you


Your hormones going all over the place can make you a little more sensitive than normal. This means if you make one mistake or something goes wrong during your day, your reaction might be a little more extreme than what you and the people around you are used to.

5. You can't sleep


Periods can mess your sleep patterns and can cause a form of insomnia. During your period the level of hormone, progesterone, drops during your period which makes it harder to sleep.

6. Bathroom habits


Let's just your regular bathroom habits might take a turn for the worse your period. And in addition to that, you have to remember to bring a bunch of pads and tampons with you everywhere. It is the worst when you get your period and you don't have anything on you.

7. Your period is always changing


Your period is unpredictable and changes throughout your life. The things that you felt during your period when you were 16 are most likely way different than the things that you will feel when you have your period at age 21. You could have really bad cramps one month then not experience any next month. There is no telling and unfortunately, no instruction book on how things are going to go.

8. Weird dreams


As well as affecting your quality of sleep, periods can also cause weird dreams. You may not remember them all but the ones you do remember may be really crazy!

9. Bad moods


The mood swings are so real. One minute you're happy, then the next you don't get out of bed. Everything and everyone annoys you. You're just in a bad mood and you can't explain why.