I recently went to New York City because for Christmas, I bought my mom and brother tickets to the PBR at Madison Square Garden.

If you don't know what I mean when I say PBR, it is Professional Bull Riding. It's an amazing sport with a lot of inspirational people involved in it. Good people, people whom I someday hope to meet! I don't know your opinion on bull riding as a sport or on the sport of rodeo. I don't have a major issue if you don't like it or consider it a sport, everyone has their own opinion.

The real question is, do you just think that because you don't know that much about it, or because you have seen it? Many think it's a form of animal abuse and many show up to these events and protest it. That's what many did in the city and they caused an unnecessary scene. I don't like when people make it a big deal and try and make others think that all the people involved in this sport are terrible people.

The truth is, do they even know that much about the people or the sport? Have they ever asked how we treat our animals or just assume we beat the crap out of them and don't care about them at all? What they don't know is how well we take care of all livestock within this sport. Without them, the sport wouldn't exist. Whether it's a horse, bull, or a calf, there are rules to be followed within this sport. Along with rules, every individual wants to keep their animals healthy. I don't see these people trying to help the homeless that are outside alone and in the cold as well.

Animals and people are not that different; most of the time both are depending on one another to live. People who own animals tend to grow a close relationship with them and not many would ever want to see their pet get hurt. There aren’t many sports that include animals, but a popular one is Rodeo. It’s a competitive sport that involves horses and other livestock and is designed to test the skills and speed of the contestants. The contestants care a bunch about the animals they compete with, especially if they own them. Despite the tools that are used to give the animals a little push, Rodeo isn't animal abuse. There are many safety rules created to protect the animals and the riders because they do compete together and are constantly at risk.

A lot of time and money is put into the sport of rodeo in order to keep the contestants and their animals safe. Many contestants devote most of their time in caring for their animals including training them. This is necessary because if the animal is not well enough to compete, neither can the contestant. They are dependent on their animals because without them, they would not be able to compete at all. Most of the money the owners spend on their animals is towards feed, vet bills, accessories, safety equipment, and many more things. Bundles of safety equipment exist for the animals just like for humans, such as protective boots, Tempurpedic saddle pads, and many more items.

Rodeo is very important to people along with the animals they use in it, Rodeo is a big part of many people's lives, such as the cowgirls and cowboys. In the beginning of a rodeo, it starts off with a man or woman holding an American flag on their horse and the national anthem plays. After the National Anthem is done, the audience and contestants continue standing and the cowboy prayer is said.

Everyone is very caring in this sport. Even though it is everyone against everyone, it’s like one big family. Most rodeo contestants treat their animals like family and enjoy riding and caring for them. Rodeo is a lifestyle for most people because it’s been around for a while and has grown such a big place in many hearts.

Caring for the animals is taken very seriously at each rodeo and there are specific rules that must always be followed. There is no point in not following them because if you don't, the contestant could be disqualified. People who bring livestock such as bulls, bronc horses, and cattle are called Stock contractors. They are very particular about their animal's health because they will be performing in front of a crowd. All the animals are required to be very healthy and vaccinated.

A vet is always required on scene in case of an unexpected event occurring, or an injury. Many stock contractors care for their own animals or have a crew to do so, which means that crew is also in charge of them in the rodeo, such as loading them in a chute or tightening up a girth. Most people in this sport tend to just do things themselves so they know they were done the right way and they also know their animals are fine and were taken care of by them.

Rodeo can be a very dangerous sport for both the rider and what they are riding; but so can many other sports. Over the years, many animals have hurt or killed someone in rodeo every month and animals may have been hurt or killed too. Some things that could happen are terrible when an animal has dominated over a human.

“Rodeo is essentially a working relationship between animal and man, and in one’s opinion, it’s that relationship that the people or the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wants to end and one would doubt very much that you actually care about cruelty otherwise you wouldn’t need to stop rodeo, only fix those things you deem cruel.”

People will always be viewing things differently because that’s what makes us all our own person. Many who compete in rodeo have no acceptance for animal abuse at any time, which is a big reason why they care for their animals to the full extent. Animals have been around longer than humans and they are a key to the world and many enjoy having them around. In rodeo, they are appreciated and receive lots of praise for a job well done.

“An animal getting injured isn't cruelty, an animal neglected or a lack of treatment is, no stock contractor would ever mistreat their livestock."

In most rodeos, people are injured more than animals. During a rodeo, no one would want unhealthy animals because an unhealthy animal performs poorly.

“There is a lot of animal abuse in this world, no creature of God deserves to be tortured.”

No Human or animal ever deserve to be mistreated, no matter what they have done. If every wrongdoing was punished, there wouldn’t be much of anything left in this world. The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) was awarded the Lavin Cup from the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), for the best animals competed. In rodeo, there is a rule for calves: their weight limit is 450-650 lbs and steers need to be 220-280 lbs.

The specific weight limit is required in case of a rough run, meaning the animal doesn’t get hurt because their weight supports them. Even though calves seem cute and cuddly, they are heavy and strong enough to fight back. If an animal is stalled in a chute or twisted within it, an electric prod is used to shock them into action a little bit. The electric prod isn’t even as strong as a police taser used on humans - that's why it doesn’t hurt the animals.

Rodeo is a big family affair; it has been through generation after generation. Rodeo teaches kids to dream big and reach for their goals. In this sport, you have to rely on yourself. It teaches you motivation, dedication, practice, and caring for their animals. Animals are a very big responsibility but they are great to have around. All the animals and people in rodeo work together without knowing it. Rodeo has been around for a long period and it should continue to be.

PETA and others believe rodeo is an animal abusive sport. The problem with animal abuse is that animals don’t have a voice or can’t choose what happens to them. Some animals are treated very well, but others are overbred, beaten, or not fed. When animals receive harsh treatment, it's a terrible thing. For example, in rodeo, animals don’t normally have aggression. But, when they are whipped or shocked, they will get angry. Rodeo may be a sport that uses animals for entertainment and money, but no one ever thinks about the animals. The animals are hurt and then sometimes killed for hurting humans.

“Rodeo is a manipulative display of human domination over animals.”

In order to make a rodeo happen, they need animals, and to make a good show, they use hurtful things on the animals. All of the calves, bulls, and some horses are shocked with a cattle prod that shoots electricity into them to get them angry or crazy. Bucking horses and bulls are forced to buck by a strap that goes on their flanks and that makes them buck all the time because it’s pulled so tight. This bucking strap often rubs off skin or gives animals irritation. They are also banded around their abdomens.

“Horses don’t normally jump up and down,” they are forced to.

Most bucking horses slam into fences and often end up breaking their necks, legs, or backs. When the announcer gives the audience info about the animal's condition, 50% of the time they lie. Many have died in rodeos. In the calf roping event, the cowboy will pull their slack too aggressively and the calf will get clotheslined. Roping is cruelty itself; it’s just inhuman. All animals in rodeo suffer in one way or another, such as in the steer wrestling event when cowboys violently twist steers heads and almost break their necks. Rodeo rules don’t prevent any injuries.

PETA believes, in rodeo, the competitors don’t really care about the animals - they are spurring or whipping, they just do it for money and advertisement.

“We may not have ever participated in a rodeo or ever seen one but why would we want to considering your actions with animals…. We have to stick together and be the animal's only voice.”

“More truth is that no one in the rodeo world can debate us publically because we have so much experience and evidence about what they all do… They don’t have the guts to release injury reports, and they have to edit live broadcasts.”

Rodeo contestants don’t care about the welfare of animals, only themselves. If rodeo is going to continue, they should be more serious about caring for the animals. After the rodeo is done, most of the animals go to slaughterhouses.

People will always interpret things differently because everyone sees things in different ways. People against rodeo may not have ever seen what’s behind the arena gates of a rodeo, just like contestants possibly aren't always watching themselves around their animals. Many precautions are taken at every rodeo - it will make everything run smoother knowing the contestants and animals are safe (or at least have the proper training and equipment to then leave it in God’s hands).

Contestants aren’t the only ones that play an important role in a rodeo. The animals are the other half and when both are combined, then there can be a show. Both halves combined are much better than apart because one could say that at times, the animals just enjoy making their owners happy and compete to the best of their ability like their rider.