The Real Reason Why Disney Princesses Are Exploited
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The Real Reason Why Disney Princesses Are Exploited

Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora and more are kind, genuine, and brave in their own right but they're soo bad because they're skinny and fall in love.

The Real Reason Why Disney Princesses Are Exploited

So what's the point here? This isn't who she is. It's just as bad as people photo shopping plus sized women smaller when they want to be able to be confident exactly how they are. It's not your business how they look whether you consider it "unrealistic" or not.

I don't know about anyone else but the fact that there are so many articles and videos these days (etc. upon etc. ) about imagining Disney Princesses in new and "inventive" ways and thinking of them in a modern mindset, policing their appearances to adhere to our own, it's all more than a little disconcerting.
Taking a quiz to find out which official Disney Princess you are is one thing, but a photo series of hot dogs decorated to look like classic Disney Princess is a whole other. Don't get me wrong I love the classic Disney Princesses. They've got a special place in my heart even. It was an entirely different time; most of the classic films made in the 50s. The singing was beautiful, the animation was flawless and gorgeous. What am I saying? Both of those things are still true for timeless films like "Cinderella", "Snow White", "Sleeping Beauty" and even more.

Even though the classic films and the last ones to use 2D drawings "The Little Mermaid", and "Beauty and the Beast", and "The Princess and The Frog" are not only made in different decades but set place in completely different time frames and settings from ours in this day and age our generation constantly feels the need to criticize them. Accusing classic Disney Princesses of being mousy figures who did nothing for themselves and played into misogyny and policing their appearances for what actual reason?

"They're bad role models for little girls and that's just wrong" praise comes for them simultaneously with criticism. Nevermind the fact that most of them lived in a time of corsets (so no they don't look stick thin or unrealistic), the fact that actual real life girls grow up naturally slender and that's not imaginary, or that they were Disney characters and they were made realistically to go with their stories, settings, and time frame; but if they had wanted to make them look like aliens they very well could have.

I stand by the observation I had a year or so ago that there is a clear reason why people our age are so obsessed with building up Disney Princesses and breaking them right back down. Even though none of them are from our time frame we feel the need to act as if they should adhere to the same rules, customs, ideals, and trends because we only recognize them as from our childhood not stories made decades before the lives that our generation has now as young adults. Whether it's college students or young adults who are beyond that still we blame whatever is good from our childhood to make ourselves feel better about whatever is unsatisfactory in the present day.

I'm here to say that that isn't fair at all to the source material. It's obvious why they're slender and why most of the classic ones are white. It's also clearly unfair to label all of the films anit-feminist because a "damsel-in-distress" element is sensed. What exactly is wrong with telling stories? We can't all be Mulan. You're not always going to have the opportunity to perform a great feat in spite of patriarchal adversity. So Snow White isn't a good role model because she was awakened by her true love? Even though she always saw the good in others and it wasn't her fault she fell into a coma from a poison apple? So is there something inherently wrong with finding the one you want to be with most? Obviously it wouldn't have happened in that era -in the story or the time frame- but if it'd been a girl who had awakened Snow White or Princess Aurora then it would be the same scenario. Why must true love's kiss lose its magic because of the gender?

My point is that the cries of classic Disney Princesses being bad role models is insincere and unwarranted as are other popular criticisms. These are classic films that don't deserve your treatment and maybe those of our generation -excluding myself- who feel the need to tell Disney what stories to tell and be the judge and jury of fairy tales should focus on their own actual real life. Just be happy and leave the princesses alone.

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