The other day my sister and I were driving around and the topic came up about the power of yet. I was unaware of what it was or what it meant. My sister teaches fourth grade and it is something she teaches to her students. It is an important thing for not only younger children to learn, but adults as well. After she explained to me what it was I decided to research the topic and look into it more and find all of the meaning and positives behind the word "yet."

The "Power of Yet" is something so simple but means so much. The word "Yet" is a helpful word when talking to people about their doubts in life and it can help them change those doubts into something more positive. It creates more self-confidence in students, adults, educators, and so many others. Who knew a short three-lettered word could have such a positive effect on people.

So often students and adults are so quick to say what they can't do, for example:

A student might say: "I can't get an A on my math test"

An adult might say: "I can't lose 10 pounds"

Both of those statements can be switched to a positive outlook by just adding the word yet to the end of the statement. Now let's rephrase those statements by adding the word "yet."

A student might say: "I can't get an A on my math test... yet"

An adult might say: "I can't lose 10 pounds... yet"

By adding something so simple to the end of those statements we have reversed the meaning of what each one means. The word "Yet" is so small but so powerful. If we put into our minds that we can't make something happen, it won't. It's easy to have a hard time accomplishing something and to give up right away and say we can't do it.

At first, it might be hard to grasp the "yet sensibility" but once you finally grasp it and start using the word on a daily basis it will change the way you look at things for the better. It's the power of believing that you can indeed do better and improve.

Although I am not a teacher nor do I have a teaching degree, learning about the "Power of Yet" has helped me to look at and view things differently. It is something I will be able to instill in my own children one day, as well as, teaching future coworkers and friends about it in the future.

The "Power of Yet" is a lifelong and simple reminder to everyone that things will get better. We will hit hard spots in life where we may not be able to do something right away or we think something might not get better. If we just add the word "yet" to all of those rough moments we face things will start looking up. The "Power of Yet" is a simple mindset we all should all start using.