Music. It's the little joy in life of hearing a simple tune that we are able to connect with certain sounds and lyrics that relate to our own lives. Making a music playlist takes some time and effort to create, but we are the ones who get to enjoy the benefits. Playlists are stacked with all the songs we love and give us extra motivation to exert more energy in everything we do. No matter if you subscribe to Apple Music or Spotify Premium, there are an unlimited number of outside music resources to create unique playlists for your everyday routine.

While making a great playlist can take some time to articulate, the benefits of saving your favorite songs into a compiled list can have many benefits. Playlists are most effective when songs or videos are grouped together based on a common theme. If you are feeling unmotivated to go to the gym, listening to a playlist of workout pump-up music can increase physical exercise performance. Music is written to make people feel a certain way, so it is natural to make different playlists for different moods. Try compiling songs that make you happy for a road-trip playlist and mellow, instrumental music for an intense focus or study playlist.

Another benefit of playlists is the ability to share content with family, friends, clients, and other listeners. To take advantage of letting your playlist be heard, come up with a creative title for the compiled list of tracks. It's interesting to see what music you might find from typing in a few keywords to discover your new favorite song. Listening to different kinds of music genres can help an aspiring musician expand their horizons and find out new things about their art.

It's easy to get comfortable once we find our favorite type of genre, yet making a playlist can help us become well-versed in different musical categories. Whether it be pop, country, alternative, rock, or EDM, we can quickly become fans of a certain genre and forget about the power of sound. Musicians are often times more successful if they explore different sounds while songwriting or making an album. No one likes to hear the same beat over and over again, so musicians are faced with the task of making a song well crafted and relatable to their audience.

A thoughtfully curated musical playlist can boost one's mood and mindset to be more productive or feel a certain way. Listeners are able to find unique inspiration mixing and matching decades of music to form a playlist as well. With sites like Pandora, Spotify, and SoundCloud, people can create, share, and swap sounds to find new tunes. Playlist creation encourages proactivity and is a great way to build community with other listeners. If you're getting tired of hearing the same songs play over and over again on the United States Top 50, go check out new releases and singles to support other artists. The power of a playlist is to compile your own favorite sounds and explore new tunes while engaging in the wonderful world of music.