As she walked into the room she became confused. Everything was still, maybe too still. Something seemed as if it was going to happen but for hours nothing did. She stood there, her head tilted, body straight. The room. It was a dull pink, but it was still a pink. Did that mean this room was good or bad? Wait. Something moves. It seems to be moving fast but with little movement of its body. The girl realizes it is her. It does not look like her but for some reason she realizes it’s her. She almost can’t catch her breathe. What is this place? She asks herself. I want to go home, she says.

The person or thing walks towards her, this time with slow smooth strides touches her hand and in a sort of whisper tells her to look up. When she looks up the ceiling seemed to be getting lower and lower and it only stops when she looks away. She asks where she is. But of course gets no reply. The thing asks her to tell it something good about herself. She says she cannot think of anything, it’s been too long since anyone has seen any worth in her.

The room got duller. The thing says do you like the color grey? The girl replies no. The thing says so tell me something good about yourself. Again the girl says she cannot. She looks up, but quickly stops when she realizes the ceiling once again is coming down. She looks at the thing and asks well however could I say something good about myself if no one has ever told me anything about me was good?

The thing says, you will never succeed if you rely solely on the approval of others. He goes you know why the ceiling falls when you look at it and why the room is grey? The girl replies no. Well, it says the ceiling represents your confidence, it is high when you don’t know it but once you start analyzing it, it decreases. The reason this room was pink but turned to grey was because you refused to see anything good in yourself.

You see my friend, One cannot see a beautiful sunrise with dark grey skis on their minds. Others will not see you as beautiful unless you see yourself as that first. The girl started to see what the thing was saying she started thinking about the good things that maybe were within her. As she thought the room grew brighter and brighter, the ceiling rose and she smiled. When she looked for the thing she good not find it. The room slowly started to diminish and she was back in her room at home.For weeks she wondered about that thing and what happened to it. After a while she realized that it was her all along. It needed to leave for a while for her to realize how important it was all along and she would be lost without it.