I'm proud to say the day we stopped talking is no longer fresh in my head. The pain you caused me is no longer even slightly there. Scars you had left have blossomed into new, whole skin. I have grown into a strong, independent young adult and, as much as I hate to admit it, I can partially thank you for that.

At the time we met I was extremely vulnerable. Not only did I not see my true worth, I was bad at picking out people who were worth my time. Clearly you were one of them.

You swept me away with false promises and hopes. In the beginning you painted beautiful portraits of the future for us, but left me with nothing but ashes at the end. Love is supposed to be something that leaves you feeling happy. Instead, you left me feeling uncertain.

Without you, I crumbled. I was ridden with anxiety for a month wondering what was wrong with me. I screamed and cried wondering where I went wrong. I never thought I would find myself in love with anyone else again, I was too guarded.

Then something amazing happened to me. I realized I was okay. I realized that your hold on me was an illusion. Without you, I was in the process of healing and recognized finally I would be okay.

Turns out there is something to the legend of the phoenix. You can and will rise out of the ashes. I found myself stronger than ever the second I recognized you had no power over me. I was a great person on my own. The only regret I have is it that it took me as long as it did.

The person I turned into once you left was someone who captured the heart of a man who showed me what true love should look like. Rather than false promises, I'm confident our future is full of hope, love, and greatness. Instead of scars, he leaves me feeling stronger and whole.

While I've listed a lot of negative, you have taught me a lot positive. You have taught me what I deserve and what love is not supposed to be. Through your selfishness, I have grown to better appreciate those who are selfless...

...and for that I cannot thank you enough.