6 Perks Of Having Long Hair

Every year, I used to let my hair grow fairly long during the school year and then cut it shorter during the spring. But during the last two years, I've been attempting to achieve that "mermaid length" (I blame you, Pinterest, for this being my describing word), and I feel like I've finally moved from medium length to long hair (yay!). And, there are a few perks that I think everyone with long hair can relate to.

1. The "curtain."

Don't want to talk to people in class? Want to cover up the fact that you're closing your eyes for a few minutes during a lecture? Or my personal favorite -- crying in the movie theater and hoping your best friends won't notice and laugh at you during the most emotional scenes in the movie? You just have to lean forward a bit and your hair shields you from all outsiders. Complete solitude even in a crowded area.

2. No makeup.

What's the best way to hide the fact that you've had no sleep and have no makeup on and only have a 50% chance of making it through your exams this week? Leave your hair down! It's distracting and no one will know (you know, hopefully).

3. Dancing Queen.

I cannot dance. So what do people like me do when we go to concerts or have in-car dance parties with your friends? No need to fear! Just kind of swish your hair around and run your fingers through it- no one will know the difference.

4. Neck workouts.

Pulling long hair into a ponytail is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world that one can only know through experience. However, one then faces the difficulty of the weight of the ponytail, thus... neck workout! (And also headaches so beware!)

5. Weaponry.

When I played basketball, I found it to be incredibly effective to whip my hair in someone's face when they were guarding me too closely. (And I know it hurts because the favor was returned to me many a time.) But long hair really is a great weapon, and should be used when necessary.

6. Music video-ing.

Every once in a while, one imagines themselves in a music video, and driving with the windows down, hair flowing in the wind, is the perfect opportunity for music video-ing. #dramatic #staringoffintothedistance

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