The Party

She opened the door

to a boy standing outside.

“Welcome to the partay!”

He gave a weak smile.

“Well, come in!” she said,

tugging at his hand.

She handed him

a red solo cup.

“My parents won’t be home

at all tonight so…”

She poured

a clear liquid

into the cup.

“Drink up.”

He grinned.


“No problem.”

She walked

through the crowd


“Attention! Attention, please!”

The commotion stopped

and all eyes

turned to her.

“First of all,

I want to thank you

for coming.”

Her eyes wandered

through the crowd.


is a night of freedom.”

The crowd yipped.

and she laughed.

She saw the boy


and watching.

The red solo cup

untouched in his hand.

“Who knows

where this night

will take us.”

She saw the boy

walk through the crowd

and hand a girl the cup.

“But it’s all

In the name

of fun.”

She saw

the girl


and the boy

guide her,


through the crowd.

“So… um

here’s to tonight.”

She raised a cup

and so did the crowd.

She put a cup

to her mouth

and they did too.

And as they drank

she watched the boy

guide the girl

up the steps.

Her steps.


they disappeared.

She began to shake,

but she continued.

“Thank you, everybody.”

She dismissed the crowd

and the party commenced.

She looked up

from the bottom

of the steps

with a red cup

shaking in her hand.

“Hey, Regina!”

She turned

to see the girl’s boyfriend.

“Yes?” She gave

a toothless smile.

“Have you seen Jade?

I can’t find her anywhere.”

She shook

her head.


I haven’t seen her.”