College Students As Told By "The Office"

College Students As Told By "The Office"

Do you think that doing alcohol is cool?


If you haven't given The Office a try by now, I don't know what you're doing. The humor may not be for everyone, but the show is all too relatable. My obsession with The Office began last year and since then, I've watched it numerous times. Last week, upon announcing to my roommates I was going to start watching the show (as I do at some point every day) of my favorite scenes popped into my head (if you know anything about Meredith and a car debacle, you know what I'm referencing). For 10 minutes, I couldn't stop laughing. I can shamelessly say, The Office has brought me to tears from laughing so hard more times than I can remember.

In honor of Steve Carrell's recent appearance on SNL, as well as my love for all things's my depiction of different types of college students as displayed by The Office (all in good fun of course).

Every Student At Some Point In Their Academic Career 

Image: Michael Scott on Wikipedia : DunderMifflin

Your Favorite Communication Major Who Feels As If They Need To Remind You Of Their Major Every Day 

Image: 29 Quotes From The Ladies Of "The Office" That Still Are Hilarious

Senioritis At Its Finest 

Image: Dunderpedia (deleted scenes)

Incoming Freshmen Everywhere 

Image: 30 Times Michael Scott Quotes Predicted Your Fall Semester

That One English Major Who Thinks They're The Next J.K. Rowling 

Image: The Most Iconic Quotes from the Office | Her Campus

Philosophy Majors, Am I Right? 

Image: Dwight Schrute Meme - Imgflip

The Dance Major (Because That's A Thing) 

Image: So I have a random folder of screenshots from The Office on my ...

Math Majors (And Art Majors Obviously) 

Image: I got six numbers. One more would have been a complete telephone ...

Post Midterm Feels 

Image: running away from my responsibilities feels good | The Office ...


The Office Dwight GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

Sisterhood Is The Essence Of All Things Wisdom 

Image: Meredith's New Year's resolution : DunderMifflin

I Always Hated Chemistry Anyways 

Image: Michael Scott "Should have burned this place down when I had the ...

Freshmen Showing Up To Office Hours For The First Time 

Image: An Office is a Place Where Dreams Come True.” – Life of an Office ...

Alumni Who Wish College Lasted Forever 

Image: I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days ...

That Fun First Week Of School Called Sorority Recruitment 

Image: 29 Quotes From The Ladies Of "The Office" That Still Are Hilarious

The First Ones In Line At The Dining Hall 

Image: 12 Times Stanley From 'The Office' Said What We Were All Thinking ...

Graduates Entering The Real World 

Image: i knew exactly what to do but in a more real sense, I had no idea ...

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Growing Up Catholic And How It Shaped Me

"I like being able to believe there is more to life than our time on Earth."


Ever since I can remember, I have attended church every Sunday morning. Not always at the same church, but always at the same time with all the same people. I've never known anything different.

Both of my parents are Catholic and so are their parents and so on and so forth. I attended religious education classes my whole childhood and when I was 15, I chose to get confirmed which basically says you are choosing to continue your faith.

As a kid, I didn't really understand why we went to church every Sunday and there were some Sundays where I just didn't want to get out of bed to go. When I'm on the verge of not going to mass I tell myself that it is just 1 hour of my time, 1 hour each week and that is all I have to give. Everyone has 1 hour to spare.

Now that I am older, I'm grateful my parents have introduced me to the Catholic Church. I like having something to believe in and being able to have faith. I'm a huge optimist in my daily life and a big part of that is because I trust God's plan for me, whatever happens is with his best intentions for me. I like being able to believe there is more to life than our time on Earth.

It seems that the word "Catholic" has a negative connotation nowadays and that makes me extremely sad. No one should be judged or profiled based on their religion.

Being Catholic to me means always striving to better myself and bring myself closer to God. Being Catholic might mean something else to another person and that's what is great about religion and faith, they affect everyone differently and it is up to you to decide what to do with these 2 things.

At the end of the day, I am grateful for being brought up in the Catholic family I was because it gave me my morals and made me the person I am today, whom I am proud of.

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