The New Secretary of Defense
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The New Secretary of Defense

Retired General James Mattis

The New Secretary of Defense

The Presidential cabinet is a group of men and women who are appointed by the president but approved by the senate to run the major branches of the government. The cabinet position in charge of the whole military is the Secretary of Defense. This person makes the policies and decisions and is in control of all the branches of the military. This person answers to the president and no one else.

Newly elected President Trump nominated retired Marine General James “Mad dog” Mattis to hold the office of Secretary of Defense.

Mattis is not your average “Jar Head”. He is known for his intelligence and interest in both military and world history. He began his military career as an enlisted Marine in 1969 but became an officer after earning his bachelor's degree in history from Central Washington University in 1971.

He was known to publish a required reading list for men under his command. He required his troops to be well read regarding the culture and history of the regions where they were deployed. Mattis always made it clear that the most useful weapon any soldier has is in the six inches between their ears.

He doesn’t have a wife or children, but rather was married to the corp. People called him a “Warrior Monk” because of his perpetual bachelorhood and love for military history. He was a tough leader, but he always cared for the men and women under his command.

He has a no nonsense do or die attitude that accompanies most Marines.

I can’t think of a better person to be leading our military during some very turbulent times in the world.

Mattis is a lover of learning and is well versed in international affairs, but when you read some of his quotes, it is evident he is still, at the very core, a Marine.

It is hard to truly appreciate a Marine unless you were one or are related to one. I am the daughter of a Marine Corp Drill instructor. Growing up surrounded by all things Marine gave me an appreciation for the humility and honor in which they serve.

There is no one in the world that I would like to have guarding my family and me than a U.S. Marine. The men and women who proudly wear the uniform of a Marine hold themselves up to a different standard than the rest of us. Honor, courage, and commitment are drilled into young people the first day in boot camp.

General Mattis will bring the tough resilience of a Marine and couple them with an appreciation and cultural awareness to make sure that the United States is protected from any force that may want to harm us.

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