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    I am the oldest of four kids spread out over 13 years.

    I spent the majority of my adolescence telling stories to my younger siblings. Some were vocal adaptations of our favorite movies and others were original, often starring us as the main characters. We could be princesses in castles or pirates in Miami... The character versions of ourselves were often rich and had large homes full of luxurious furnishings and private bedrooms - everything we didn't have. I knew from a very young age that I want to be a writer.

    At school, I would let my imagination wander, writing in detail about the life I imagined living. In one story titled "My Very Dirty House" the details were so real that my teacher became concerned enough to contact my mother.

    In high school, I fell in love with photography. I loved the sound film made as it rewinded itself after a roll was completed. I loved the challenge of capturing the perfect shot and the anticipation of waiting to see the results. For awhile, I thought I might be better suited for capturing images rather than writing but that all changed when digital photography became popular. That and I realized that while I was pretty good at capturing some shots, I was not good enough to be paid to capture all of the shots... so, I paused on that dream and shifted my goals back to what I knew I was good at - writing. I have been a ghost writer for quite some time, lending my voice to some very well known brands and a few local ones. On the side, I continue to occasionally share my voice on own personal blog as well.

    I hope that you enjoy what I write here and if so, I hope you say hi. If you don't, that is fine too... it's all love, right?

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