The Most Common New Years
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Most Common New Year's Resolutions: Is yours on the list? (x)

10-Read More

Nearly everyone would like a more refurbished pallet when it comes to the world of literature. When asked what one's favorite book is, most can't recall a book they've read more recently, but respond with novels from years ago. Reading keeps the mind vigilant, and is sure to make its way higher on the resolution list as years go on.

9-Travel More

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
Augustine of Hippo

Is it safe to say that the same people who want to read more want to travel more? Maybe not, but both of these resolutions come from the desire for more knowledge. Power to the people who want to learn and discover in 2017.

8-Learn Something New

Learning seems to be a common trend here, because people are in fact too busy to fit hobbies and activities into their lifestyles. Imagine if instead of working a 9-5 daily, you had the chance to learn whatever languages, instruments, and sports you wanted? Learning something new is something we do daily, but those who make this their resolution wish to delve deeper into a skill-set.

7-No Resolution

When interviewed, 16% of Americans stated that they do not write resolutions. Perhaps this is because they have tried and failed many years previously. Maybe these people are at a perfect place in their life and wish to remain there. Scientifically speaking, those with lower expectations are bound to have a happier year, because they are not waiting for something unachievable to happen, but rather simply enjoying what may come.

6-Get Organized

Organization is simple, yet important! By staying organized, you can save tens of hours of precious time. By organizing your work in school, studying will be so much easier. By organizing your dorm, you'll be able to have guests over more often without feeling the crippling shame of a dirty room. Organization goes a long way, and a clean mind is sure to follow.

4- Spend Less Money

How many savings apps have you downloaded and then deleted when realizing that they have no impact on your compulsive spending habits? In an age where malls are opening in every vicinity, and sales are more frequent than there are days to hold them on, saving money can be incredibly tough. Those who really stick to their resolution to save, will realize how much you can stack up in just one year.

3-Enjoy Life to the Fullest

28% of Americans state that there one and only resolution is to simply enjoy life. “We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.”-- Bill Watterson

2-Lose Weight

You guessed it! Ringing in at second place is the resolution to lose weight. Most people want to be able to slim down after the holidays and hit the gym. Gym membership sales go up tenfold after the New year, and so do diet pill subscriptions. But only the lucky few will actually be able to achieve their plans.

1-Stay Fit!

This is a much more reasonable goal than to lose weight. You could be shedding off unwanted pounds, but not becoming any more in shape. Staying fit requires much more than dieting. To stay in shape, you need to have an active and healthy lifestyle. You might hit your goal of becoming in shape at the end of the year, and end up not having lost more than a couple pounds.

Whatever your resolutions may be this year, following through with them until 2018 can be a difficult journey, but with effort and planning, it will be worthwhile.

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