Before now, I’ve never felt so much excitement, anxiety, nervousness, and fear at once. Before you’re a senior, it’s all just a distant path to a distant world. You’ll go to school, do the the best you can in your classes, and then get a job upon graduation. It’s that easy—until you’re actually about to graduate.

A plethora of thoughts and questions bombard your mind: did I pick the right major? Did I do well enough in my classes? Do I stand out? Do I have enough experience? Do I want to take this route or do I want to take that route? Will I actually find a job? Will I actually find a job that I like? And the one that weighs the heaviest: what if I don’t?

I think it’s safe to say that none of us have the magic answer. We continue to cringe at every Facebook status that notifies us of others’ job offers. We keep having random mini panic attacks thinking about the future. And we can’t help wondering “what if”, amidst uncertainty of the path we chose many years ago and our anxiety for what lies ahead.

After many moments and most days spent worrying, I’ve decided to stop worrying and to start trusting. As a soon-to-be college graduate, I should be excited about my accomplishments as well as all that lies before me: a whole wide world full of endless opportunity. I should also be confident in the decisions I made for my future. Because that was me staring into the distant, distant future with smiling eyes, picturing all that I could do once I got to where I am today. And that person doesn’t deserve to be let down.

Some may already have their dream job lined up; others may begin to work their way to the top. He may take a year off to figure out what’s next; she might realize exactly what she wants and jump for it. We could get our answers today, tomorrow, in a couple months, or in a year. Nothing is set in stone, except the fact that we made it this far and have the potential to be great. So don’t get caught up on timeliness and perfection. Realize that the best things in life are worth the wait. And when the time comes to make a decision, go with your gut. Do what’s best for you and remember that person with the smiling, dreaming eyes. Be great.