The Meaningfulness of Connections
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Student Life

The Meaningfulness of Connections

How to act within the Professional World

The Meaningfulness of Connections

I attended one of these events at my college in which the goal was to provide advice and help the ease of transitioning from a normal person into a more professional boundary. This entails knowing and learning about yourself for example in what setting does one thrive within a professional setting? Over the phone while having a full blown conversation, executing propositions and requests through an email or in face to face directly in front of the person needed to gather the guidance, answers, feedback, wisdom from. These are all scenarios that occur in the workplace and starting to develop and hone these skills creates good practice for being capable of networking and making connections and starting and eventually possibly evolving these connections into greater things when needed. The first step before even worrying about all the things listed above are to having a good introduction and customary greeting when meeting others whether that be a friend, a boss, colleagues, etc. knowing when to be informal and formal or casual and professional really makes a difference for the initial meetup: the first impression. There is a vast difference between when you are hanging out with your friends and approach and use gestures that would be over friendly and uncomfortable when utilized in a setting not as fit, such as the office or when in a meeting.

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I feel as if the earlier a chance one has at learning all of these skills the easier the communications within the world when thrown at someone that much easier they will be. Although exposure of all this business ordeal may take away from a really young child’s childhood if done too early. I feel as if I had known these skills in at least high school if not earlier I would be more prepared for life in general. The good thing about learning though is that anybody can learn new things at any given time so it’s never too late. The balance and skill set of a person is generally something that can easily draw others towards them for they have a lot that they can talk about from all of their vast personal experiences that they draw from. Now this is not to say that people who don’t do as much aren’t as interesting it just means that different aspects of that person will shine through and if there is more to talk about yourself that could be used in a work situation or even just to ease yourself into a conversation more easily by making those connections with another then go for it and meet new people. The work environment and daily life both compose of connections and meeting strangers and meeting strangers who become friends, acquaintances, etc. that are arranged in the manner that is best fit for a particular person at a particular time. There are some people who keep their friends and the people at work separate and others who mix and mingle them because they have that deep of a connection with those people to do that. Some people shut out others easily and are better by themselves but when in the right situation will act as a completely different person and others where a person is used to casually talking to another but then change into a more serious or stoic or whatever makes them seem more presentable by others. There are always varying levels of personalities and this just helps further differentiate the sides of a person that will be seen in another. Business versus the regular behavior of a person must be settled out before it could potentially lead to embarrassing and not so pleasant situations.

The one thing that my mother always tells me is “You have to look in the mirror before you exit the house because people will judge you if you don’t care of your appearance. Give them one less this to judge you on.” These words are both insightful because it provides a need to want to make yourself look appealing to others and be somewhat more noteworthy in a positive manner then if your look is more ragged and not as presentable as it could be. This brings into play first impressions and the fact that once you show some body the side of you that you’re or not necessarily reputable for there is no longer a timeframe to take it back. Sure you can sort mark over it, the imprint that was left on someone’s mind when they first saw you but just as the process with covering a mark with white out it has been covered but the truth still remains underneath. The underneath section being the part the audience or person/ people have already seen and taken note of and this is the residue that you want to stay hidden given the certain situation. Your friends and family are shown the truth the mode that you normally reside in on a daily basis and the qualities that remain intact because there exists no judgement and it is a safe space but in a situation with strangers or potential partners, bosses, colleagues, etc. a few layers must be melted away and trust established before simply putting yourself out there. The lesson that is taken away from this is are you knowledgeable on these helpful tips and if they are put into practice after knowing about them. The main problem is some people out there aren’t aware that there is generally a buildup of time and experience within a relationship and that if you tell a person everything about yourself it may be too personal and give off a certain vibe from you and that the way that a person is dressed during a professional setting actually matters. It’s little things like this that can influence what happens in life but they must not be held accountable at all times only during the beginning and development within a professional relationship otherwise acting as yourself is not usually deemed a bad thing and is instead encouraged by most people that love or support or are friends with a person. The final thing to takeaway is to just have a balance of yourself that has a conscience of when and how to act at the right place and at the right time; an expression most people have probably heard and it is advice that can help mold a way through most situations!

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