I can't explain just how it happened, or when exactly, but over the past year, my roommate and I have become Lifetime Movie addicts. Perhaps it's the ridiculous plot lines, the soap opera type acting or the fact that it is a continuous movie marathon 24 hours a day. Nevertheless, we've pieced together a few common themes that tend to resurface within each Lifetime Movie.

1. The titles are usually dramatic, such as: "Nightmare Nanny," "Teacher Seduction," or "Stalked By My Doctor" (all of which are legit movies that I may or may not have watched).

2. The acting usually rivals that of a soap opera.

3. The music is always on point when something dramatic happens.

4. There is usually an intense chasing scene that leaves you like:

5. And those massive plot twists that have you all:

6. Someone is usually shot ...

7. Or objects are thrown...

8. Sometimes you see a famous face and you're all "Hey! It's Hayden Panettiere!"

9. There will be at least one affair:

10. However, despite all the drama, Lifetime Movies do offer some cute rom-com vibes every once and awhile.