To The Man I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With
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To The Man I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With

From being my best friend I fell in love with to the man I want to spend my life with; here's to forever.

To The Man I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With

To the man I chose to spend forever with,

Well if you are reading this then it only means one thing. We've made it. I've shared all of the skeletons in my closet with you and instead of running away you chose to continue this relationship with me. You chose to pursue my heart because you believed in our relationship being something special.

With my past, I have never truly felt worthy of love from anyone else but my family. I accepted that no one would love me for my past until you came along. You chose to love me regardless of my past and you chose to be with me because you wanted this relationship to last for as long as I did; which would be forever. Not only did you help me feel worthy of love but you constantly reminded me how much you loved me but also how much God loved me too.

I have always dreamt about the man I will one day marry but as I got older not only did I dream about you; I also prayed for you. I prayed that wherever you were that you were healthy and happy. I prayed that you love and adore your family as much as I did. But most importantly; I prayed that God was pursuing your heart and molding it to be strong in your faith.

I didn't say yes to you because of how you made me feel (well that is one of the reasons) but I said yes to you because not only do you bring out the best in me; you make me want to be a better Christian. Our relationships foundation is not just our love for each other, but our foundation was based on how much our Lord loved us. With a foundation that strong; nothing can go wrong.

I want to thank you for always making sure how much you love me and how you always manage to surprise me with little things that show how much you care for me. I want to thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable and open with you. More importantly, I want to make a few promises with you.

I promise to pursue your heart with the best intentions. I promise to laugh at your funny jokes (even when they aren't funny). I promise to continue to build our foundation on how much our Lord loves us. I promise to not let our dog take your spot in the bed. I promise to hold you accountable in life. But most of all; I promise to love you and to never run away from a fight.

Here's to many more memories and forever with you.

The Girl Who Loves You

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