The Low-Down On The Bowl Games
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The Low-Down On The Bowl Games

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The Low-Down On The Bowl Games

The bowl games are over and that means college football is almost over (super sad face). We do have that one important game left on Jan. 11 which we can look forward to, though. The bowl season was filled with some great games and I'll give you the low-down on the best and most important games of the 2015 bowl season.

The two main bowl games were both played New Year's Eve: the Capital One Orange Bowl and the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic, the games that determine which two teams will be paying each other for the College Football Playoff National Championship in January.

The Capital One Orange Bowl was played first in Florida with Clemson and Oklahoma. Oklahoma had the lead at the half 17-16 over Clemson, but Clemson came in strong in the second half. The Tigers put up 21 unanswered points to win the game 37-17 over the Sooners. The Tigers are now 14-0 headed into that final game.

The opponent for the Tigers was determined at the Goodyear Cotton Bowl, where the Alabama Crimson Tide took on Michigan State. The game for a while had no points on either side of the board and then Alabama dominated. The Tide won the game 38-0 and are headed to play the Clemson Tigers Jan. 11 in Glendale, Arizona, at 8:30 p.m. EST. The match-up will be broadcast on ESPN.

The biggest comeback game of the bowl season came from Texas Christian over Oregon in the Alamo Bowl. The first half, the Oregon Ducks dominated and at the half led the Horned Frogs 31-0. But the Ducks' quarterback suffered a helmet to helmet hit minutes before the end of the first half and did not return in the second half. Most fans had all hope lost and then the Horned Frogs had the most epic comeback of this bowl season. They held the Ducks from scoring the entire second half and held the Ducks' longest play -- 5 yards -- in the second half. With 19 seconds left in the game, the Horned Frogs made a field goal to tie the game at 31-31. Both teams scored touchdown in the first overtime, then both made field goals in the second overtime. Finally, in the third overtime, the Horned Frogs put a touchdown and a two-point conversion on the board, and then held the Ducks from scoring for a 47-41 win. The comeback was one of the biggest comebacks in bowl game history. Much media attention was thrown onto the Horned Frogs as their starting quarterback, Trevone Boykin, was arrested earlier in the week and is currently suspended. Backup quarterback for the Horned Frogs just happened to be Bram Kohlhausen, a fifth-year senior making his first-ever start. I think that's a pretty cool way to end a career.

One upset was at the Peach Bowl, where Houston beat Florida State 38-24. No. 23 Tennessee had a nice win as well, over No. 13 Northwestern with a 45-6 win.

There were a few close games, but only one where the a team remained scoreless, in the Alabama-Michigan State game. The highest-scoring team in this year's bowls is the newcomer Georgia Southern, which scored 58 on Bowling Green, to win their first bowl game.

Find all scores to every bowl game below:

New Mexico Bowl: Arizona 45, New Mexico 37

Las Vegas Bowl: Utah 38, BYU 28

Camellia Bowl: Appalachian State 31, Ohio 29

Cure Bowl: San Jose State 27, Georgia State 16

New Orleans Bowl: Louisiana Tech 47, Arkansas State 28

Miami Beach Bowl: Western Kentucky 45, South Florida 35

Potato Bowl: Akron 23, Utah State 21

Boca Raton Bowl: Toledo 32, Temple 17

Poinsettia Bowl: Boise State 55, Northern Illinois 7

GoDaddy Bowl: Georgia Southern 58, Bowling Green 27

Bahamas Bowl: Western Michigan 45, Middle Tennessee 31

Hawaii Bowl: San Diego State 42, Cincinnati 7

St. Petersburg Bowl: Marshall 16, Connecticut 10

Sun Bowl: Washington State 20, Miami 14

Heart of Dallas Bowl: Washington 44, Southern Miss 31

Pinstripe Bowl: Duke 44, Indiana 41

Independence Bowl: Virginia Tech 55, Tulsa 52

Foster Farms Bowl: Nebraska 37, UCLA 29

Military Bowl: Navy 21, Pittsburgh 28

Quick Lane Bowl: Minnesota 21, Central Michigan 14

Armed Forces Bowl: California 55, Air Force 36

Russell Athletic Bowl: No. 17 Baylor 49, No. 9 North Carolina 38

Arizona Bowl: Nevada 28, Colorado State 23

Texas Bowl: No. 20 LSU 56, Texas Tech 27

Birmingham Bowl: Auburn 31, Memphis 10

Belk Bowl: Mississippi State 51, NC State 28

Music City Bowl: Louisville 27, Texas A&M 21

Holiday Bowl: Wisconsin 23, Southern California 21

Peach Bowl: No. 18 Houston 38, No. 9 Florida State 24

Orange Bowl (Semifinal): No. 1 Clemson 37, No. 4 Oklahoma 17

Cotton Bowl (Semifinal): No. 2 Alabama 38, No. 3 Michigan State 0

Outback Bowl: No. 23 Tennessee 45, No. 13 Northwestern 6

Citrus Bowl: No. 14 Michigan 41, No. 19 Florida 7

Fiesta Bowl: No. 7 Ohio State 44, No. 8 Notre Dame 28

Rose Bowl: No. 6 Stanford 45, No. 5 Iowa 16

Sugar Bowl: No. 12 Mississippi 48, No. 16 Oklahoma State 20

Taxslayer Bowl: Georgia 24, Penn State 17

Liberty Bowl: Arkansas 45, Kansas State 23

Alamo Bowl: No. 11 TCU 47, No. 15 Oregon 41

Cactus Bowl: West Virginia 43, Arizona State 42

Who is your favorite to win the College Football Playoff National Championship? Comment below!

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