The Life Of A Busy Body
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The Life Of A Busy Body

Being busy is more than a lifestyle; it’s an art form.

The Life Of A Busy Body

We all have those friends who seem like they never have time for us. They’re always rushing to the next place, trying to stay on schedule, while frantically avoiding being totally consumed by their list of things to do. These people never have time to just stop and relax because their jam-packed schedules just simply will not allow it. There are many different things you can call a person like this, but I prefer to call them busy bodies.

I am a busy body. I'm the type of person who commits to everything. I like being busy (or maybe I just don’t like being not busy). I like having my schedules and organizing my time in such a way that I can manage to accomplish all that I've set out to do.

This is why I immerse myself into so many activities. Whether it’s joining intramural sports teams or pledging a sorority, working part time or joining the executive board for a club, I can't escape this feeling like there is always some commitment that I need to meet. And on top of all of these responsibilities I have taken on, I still try to manage to make time for my friends, family, and studies.

And although I love all of these commitments and recognize that I have brought them upon myself, I am coming to realize that too much of a good thing can, indeed, go bad. The stress and anxiety that come from stretching yourself too thin, from committing yourself to too many causes, is not only unhealthy but is unhelpful in actually meeting the commitments that the stress has caused.

I do find it aggravating that there are people who seem like they can take on an endless number of responsibilities so effortlessly, while I’m struggling to meet my handful of obligations. I’m a little jealous of them for their success and slightly angry with myself for my inability to keep my head above water. But if I’ve learned anything through my life as a busybody (and especially this year), it is that I need to identify my limits and do my best to stay within them. Saying “No” to someone when they ask if I can attend a rally or meet them for lunch goes against everything I believe in, but sometimes it’s just what I have to do. I want my name to be associated with quality work, and if I’m committed to so many things that I can’t put in as much effort as the task deserves, then I shouldn’t commit myself to those things.

Learning to say “No” is very hard for me, but it is something that I’m continually improving upon. So if you ask me to do something and I can’t, don’t get upset; a girl can only do so much. And while I’m learning this freeing, new word, I don’t expect to stop being busy anytime soon. It’s who I am and I love it. So if you see me running across campus and I don’t stop to talk, don’t get offended, it's only because I’m a busy body.

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