The Key To An Unstoppable Relationship
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The Key To An Unstoppable Relationship

I bet you won't guess it.

The Key To An Unstoppable Relationship
Ashton Sukenic

So you may be wondering, "why the hell should I listen to this girl?" Well, I'm not exactly an expert on love, but Ive had my fair share of relationships. From being with the "attached" type to the "independent" and everything in between, I can officially consider myself "experienced" in the dating world. Now, because of my dating, I have learned a lot. So ladies and gents, I am about to reveal what you've all been waiting for. The absolute secret to a long lasting, successful relationship is your friends. Before you all claim that I'm crazy, just hear me out.

When I was in my first serious relationship, I did everything I could to be with my significant other. Including blowing off my friends for a Netflix night with bae. And when I finally decided to go out with my friends, he would be in tow. But as time went on, we quickly lost interest in one another. And just like that, I was back in the single world.

Now, as I became single, my friends were quickly to gain relationships (my luck). But for once, I was on the other side looking in from a single perspective. Soon enough, I was the one asking my friends out, and they were the ones with their significant other in tow. And oh boy, I quickly realized why my friends despised me so much.

Not only did I put them second to my relationship, but I didn't quite understand the significance of our friendship. They were always there for me, but I neglected them. But as things went downhill, I truly realized that if my boyfriend and I would've spent time away from each other with our friends, our relationship might have lasted. Here are three reasons why I believe this is so unbelievably true.

1. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

There are two types of people in this world. People who get bored of their partner. And people who are lying. With that being said, we all need a break from our guy or girl. So yes, go out and spend a night with your friends. Better yet, get in that car and take a two day trip without bae. By the time you get back, you'll be more likely to appreciate your partners company.

2. Your friends know you better than anyone.

Sometimes, there are problems in your life that only your true best buddies will understand (aka feelings). So before you get mad at your partner for not understanding why you feel "upset" that day, go out and get coffee with your friends and unload your stress. They're more than happy to tell you that you're being unreasonably crazy, without offending you.

3. Maturity.

Lets face it, no girl likes to hear their boyfriends talk about stupid S$%^. And vice versa. So, thats what our friends are for.

So there you have it. Follow this advice and hopefully your relationship will last longer than it took you to read this article. As my last advice to you, make your friends a priority. You will only be benefiting.

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