The 'JoBro' Phenomenom

The 'JoBro' Phenomenom

Ever wonder why they came home at lunchtime and heard a funny noise?

Yes, this article is about The Jonas Brothers. Yes, I do realize that the last time this group of heavenly voices sang together was way back in 2013. But I digress. And I’d just like to take a moment to reflect on some of the greatest years of my life, i.e. my Jonas Brothers obsessed middle school years. In a world where Joe Jonas is known for singing Cake By The Ocean in DNCE and Nick Jonas is “Close” with Tove Lo (and Kevin Jonas has a wife and a child), we must never forget where these boys started.

Here are some of my favorite JoBros memories:

It all started in 2006. I was 10 years old. I definitely still had bangs. And I was definitely watching Disney Channel. Living my life.

All of a sudden, while sitting there with my sisters and cousin, a music video popped up on the screen and a catchy beat came on….”One day, when I came home, at lunchtime”...

Their music videos.

Reminiscent of early film editing, their music videos were always artistically inclined, and always had a feel for what kind of message the song was going to elicit. I mean who can forget "Year 3000" or "Burnin’ Up"? Masterpieces.

Their concerts.

The Jonas Brothers, I can happily say, was my very first concert. I was in 6th grade, and my favorite of the three was of course, Nick Jonas. I screamed the loudest and sang along the loudest. The best part was when Nick gave an emotional piano-playing performance of “A Little Bit Longer”. Tears.

Their sense of humor.

The Jonas Brothers always knew how to have fun, even while touring day and night. Remember the parody song and music video “Bounce” they made? “Bounce, just bounce, lemme see that body bounce”.

Their outfit selections.

Shoutout to the boys for making tight pants look good.

Their bodyguard, Big Rob.

Big Rob was the best because not only did he protect the safety of the Jonas Brothers, but he also starred in a few music videos as well. *cough* when he rapped in “Burnin’ Up”.

The titles of their albums.

Although they only had a mere 4 beautiful main albums, there was nothing but creativity, heart, and emotion in all four of them. Whether it was “About Time”, the self titled “Jonas Brothers”, “A Little Bit Longer”, or “Lines, Vines, and Trying Times”, they all had their own list of flawless songs.

Their acting attempts.

Although Nick, with his Broadway past, had more experience in acting than his brothers, they managed to not only star in The Camp Rock movie franchise, but also have their own show for a few years called “Jonas LA”. Ahhh, memories.


These three boys were adored and loved by girls all over the world and I will forever be thankful that they were my first concert.

Blessed are we who grew up listening to them and spent our tween/teen years obsessing over them. May their songs and memories never die.

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