Mississippi State University is the college that holds my heart. I would have never thought I would come here growing up, but here I am and it is one of the best choices I could have made for myself. I love this university with all my heart but there are some things that us, the students, as a whole can agree that needs to be improved.

1. Shelby : Why did parking services get new cars when they can use that money elsewhere?

Parking services have been in the hot seat all year for multiple issues. The top one being the price of parking decals, and then there not being enough parking spots for students. It has been a topic of discussion for a while now. Parking services also just announced that they are getting new cars. These cars have decal scanners on top of them so they don't even have to get out of the car. Stupid. This money could go towards something else that would help us instead of helping them.

2.  Ally: Bring back greek parking stickers so greek life can eat at their houses

Everybody who has a parking pass should be able to have a greek dot if they wanted like parking services used to have. During the hours of lunch ( 11-1 ish ) there are more than plenty parking spots open and they should be used by hungry students.

3. Vanessa and Katie: Registering for classes is a nightmare

Classes fill up so fast and go so fast. There are simply not enough classes or big enough classes. Some people need certain classes in order to take classes and it makes no sense. Some students need 1 class to move onto upper-level classes but end up having to take it in the spring with all electives so they end up wasting one whole spring semester when they could easily have taken that one class in the winter intercession and moved on to my upper-level classes in time for spring semester. Also, there should be a waiting list for classes that are full, but we need.

4. Megan: Getting a refund on flex dollars at the end of spring semester

Most students buy flex dollars alone or with a meal plan. Flex dollars can be used at many different places around campus, but using them all up is hard for certain students. At the end of spring semester, all the flex dollars not used just disappear. That makes no sense as to why. Flex dollars are actual dollars we buy so if we don't use all of them why does the university take them?

5. Julie: No vending machines in the library

Us, the students, go to the library all the time to study. Sometimes late into the late, or we get there super early in the morning. Einstein's Bagels is not open all hours and students get hungry. Having a snack and drink vending machine is would be so much helpful. It is a super easy solution to a problem.

6. Caitlyn: More Study Rooms in more buildings

Study rooms are a great way for students to collaborate and figure out review questions and such. Having a tv to present on and especially white boards are the best way for us to learn in a group setting. They also keep groups separated so they don't disturb students studying on their own.

7. Tori: Allen Hall in general

This building is half brick, half concrete. Physically, it is not pleasing to look at and it is a great use of space. Sometime soon the university should renovate it, or tear it down and build a new one.

8. Joy: Having more printers

Many students don't own a printer but only having one or two printers in each building does not work out with how many students we have on campus. Usually, the printers that aren't in old main or the library rarely work.

9. Miranda: Healthier on-campus food

Please for the love of god get rid of the Burger King or Burrito Bowl that is never opened and put in something that has even somewhat healthy food! The only somewhat healthy thing is Subway, and Chick-fil-a if you order the right thing. The freshman fifteen is real so help us out here.

10. Karli: We should have options when it comes to parking tickets

There are other colleges that allow their students to donate nonperishable items to the campus food bank in place of a parking ticket. MSU has a 25% food insecurity rate among students but those students don't have any info on our food bank or how to receive donated block meals... we could relieve the anger of parking tickets and feed the people around us in one task

11. Katie: We need ​winter intercession

We need a long winter break. Our rival school up north gets a month and a half for Christmas while we are only getting 3 weeks this year. That makes us feel like we are in high school again. Many students live so far away that the only time they can go home is winter break so going home for 6/7 weeks is better than only getting to come home for 3. Also, most students work over winter break to save up for the spring semester, only 3 weeks of work is barely worth it.

12. Karli: We no longer need specific parking lots

We should just have a general commuter pass and general resident pass, and depending on which decal you get, you can park in ANY of those lots. So like people with decals for Hathorn could also park at the house or at Sessums or dogwood if they wanted to, and commuter decals could always park in West, north, south, whatever. No specific parking lots, just commuter or resident. The parking is much better because you have more options if the one you want/need is full.


Over selling parking decals= multiple people per spot= no parking spots= late/ miss class. That's the facts.


Your students