Incredibles 2 Has Dark Themes

Dear Pixar, 'The Incredibles 2' Has Some Really Dark Themes

Some content might be too hard for kids to understand.


Guys, I finally saw The Incredibles 2 last night. Am I officially part of the cool kids gang now?

You know, whatever I was expecting before the huge screen showed the opening credits... Yeah, I wasn't ready. It was badass, empowering, thrilling, hilarious—it was way more than what we deserved. I mean, did we even deserve a superhero like Jack -Jack? Absolutely not.


However, behind the jokes and the heroic deeds, Disney did a thing. Yes. A thing.

On the way back from the movie, my boyfriend and I were taking a small stroll and he was like, "Is it me or did this movie go through some really dark themes?"

Believe me, I had noticed that, and I was happy I hadn't been the only one to notice them. And these were some that we got to discuss last night.

1. Deep rooted traumas

When I first saw Evelyn come on screen, I knew something was sketchy about her. I'm a person who gets easily sussed and guesses the villain (sometimes). However, the reason why this character became a villain is unlike what Disney has offered before.

Evelyn was driven by a hatred that bloomed when her father was killed during a break-in. Her dad tried calling some superheroes to help, but they never answered since they had gone underground. This murder bloomed a deep-rooted hatred and trauma in Evelyn, which led to her evil plot to make super heroes disappear. For. Ever.

She said that one should't always have to depend on the help of superheroes; they aren't trustworthy. That's why she decided to manipulate Elastigirl into playing Screenslaver's game.


2. Misogyny

Despite the fact that most of the movie revolved around Elastigirl getting back into the streets, Mr. Incredible wasn't entirely happy with this. It was written all over his hugely animated face. (Not that I am talking shit; I love him.)

He believed that he was the one to do the job, not Helen.

And throughout the movie, whenever Elastigirl was being praised on the news, instead of his content for his wife, he got even more upset. He wished he was the one out there, not in the house taking care of his kids.

His discontent is even more notorious when Elastigirl is enthusiastically telling him about how she saved the train.

However, this plot line lasted only for a while and Mr. Incredible was totally happy about his wife in the end.

But don't let the sexism escape your eyes here.


3. Screenslaver

The usage of screen to enslave people and make them do whatever she had planned was a brilliant idea—but it could also be considered as an intake as to how we let our devices control us. Screenslaver sent messages through screens: on TV, controllers, you name it. I mean, do I need more on this area right here?

We had had more themes to talk about, but as of now, I can barely remember my name. But believe me, I am not shit-talking about this incredible gift we finally got 15 years later. I am just surprised that Disney did that, you get me?

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The Top 10 Gay-Themed Commercials That Should Be Celebrated

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