The Importance Of Writing Letters

In a world full of endless forms of communication and technology that is constantly changing, one would think sitting down and writing a letter is considered “old fashioned.” Why write a letter when you can text, call, or FaceTime? Even though it is not as fast and easy as choosing one of those options, it is still just as important. If not, then it is a thousand times more meaningful.

Personally, when I receive a letter in the mail it brightens my day. Just grabbing an envelope out of the mailbox with my name on it in actual human handwriting (rather than meaningless junk mail or bills) puts a smile on my face. I feel so distinguished knowing that someone has taken the time out of their day to sit down with just a pen and paper to write to me. That someone was thinking about me longer than debating to send me a two sentence text message while waiting in line at the drive thru. No matter whats inside, the thought is always what counts.

After I open the letter I am even more eager to read what it says. Sometimes I get letters from relatives asking me about my life and then read a little further for them tell me about theirs. It’s always a different feeling to hear about exciting news or something going on rather than getting a call about it or reading it on Facebook. Reading a letter is like reading a small chapter of a persons life story written especially for you. There is a feeling of personalization when I look back on the letters I have received. It’s like I can imagine my friend describing an event that happened, any news they received, how they're really doing, and more. When I read someones writing inside my head, I can hear the inflection in their voice, almost like I’m having a conversation with them.

All of this I hardly ever feel from a text or social media messaging. Only when I am holding a hand written letter rather than my phone my day becomes two times brighter. So if you ever feel like making someones day, grab a pen, notecard, envelope and a stamp, and I guarantee they'll feel the same way!

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