Whether or not the significant person you are writing to is actually going to recall every single letter you wrote for each particular situation listed, "Open When" letters are never a bad idea when it comes to giving sentimental gifts. If an individual seems to be down in the dumps, stressed or upset, a little pick-me-up in written form could be the best thing in the world to come home to after an off day. Listed below are several topic ideas when writing these special little letters. I have written a few myself and I found that sometimes it's hard to keep from writing similar things in each one. Feel free to steal some ideas; I promise you'll find a way to make each letter unique to you and the person you're writing for.

1. "Open when... you've had a bad day."

This particular letter is a classic, since everyone can relate to having a rough day at some point each month. A few things that are always nice to include are little words of inspiration, taped quotes and pictures from better days. Little things like that may not completely cure the situation your friend, significant other or family member is experiencing, but I promise it will make for a smile, no matter how big.

2. "Open when... you need a pick-me-up."

Just like the previous idea, little things make a big difference. For this particular letter theme, I suggest writing something short and sweet, and even slipping a $5 bill in the envelope for a coffee or snack. Otherwise, if you know a person's favorite candy (ideally one that fits in an envelope), stick that in there too! I wouldn't recommend eating away worry, but a small snack could certainly cheer anyone up!

3. "Open when... you miss me."

It sounds selfish, but I promise if you're writing to a significant other or close friend, this will be one of the first letters they read. Life is all about relationships, and at the end of the day, above most things, human beings have the biggest impact on others' lives. Print out a few pictures of you and that person. If you're writing to a boyfriend, put on that lipstick and pucker up with a kiss at the bottom of the letter. If you're just as special to the recipient as they are to you, this letter filled with love and memorable moments will mean the most.

4. "Open when... you're completely bored."

If anything, the only reason why they would be reading this letter is because they were bored out of their mind and went fishing around in their desk, surprised to have found a letter from you like this. How ironic.

What's nice about this particular letter is that you can write about the lamest thing in the world, and it would still keep the person satisfied because reading it gives them something to do. I would suggest some good jokes... and not the same ones your uncle tells every year at Thanksgiving dinner. Make this fun and enjoyable for your bored friend, and try suggesting things they could do for the next hour to keep them preoccupied.

5. "Open when... you feel a little lost."

This one is good for anyone, as we all go through periods in our lives when we aren't sure what to do next, we're not sure where we are going and we're confused about what it is we truly want. Reminding the person about what they've always known and loved doing. Sometimes a few good songs can help too; listen to the lyrics and suggest some good tunes that relate to your person's situation. Put on your therapist pants and offer up some life advice that can be applied to anyone.

6. "Open when... you just took a total L."

The first step is accepting the fact we can't always win. In my opinion, the "L" in the term actually refers to being kicked in the butt by LIFE, rather than a simple "loss." That being said, the cool thing about this letter is that anyone can relate. Whether it's in an actual loss your friend experienced in a sporting event, a failed test or a bad interview, some words of wisdom are always appreciated following the disaster.

7. "Open when... you're feeling blessed."

While many of these "open when" ideas are supposed to help your pal look on the bright side of life, sometimes reading a letter when you're happy can only make you happier! There are so many things to be grateful for, and writing a letter about it can actually cause you to recognize various blessings in your own life.

8. "Open when... you need a hug."

From personal experience, my best friend and I always took hugging pictures, so the letter I wrote her was filled with several photos of us hugging during multiple occasions. It was meaningful because she attends school out of state and we both miss being able to see each other every morning before class, at practice and while socializing with all of our friends. You can always just take a picture of yourself with your arms spread wide too and stick that in the envelope... weird, but cute and funny I guess.

9. "Open when... you didn't study."

Every student understands. There are times where stress can only make the situation worse too, so reading a letter might help lighten the load. You can write a "guide to cheating" list for dummies. Keep it positive though, no one wants to be lectured on how they need to try harder in school. Remember, it's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know.

10. "Open when... you're looking for an adventure.

It always feels like whenever we are searching for fun things to do, we can never find something that adequately satisfies our thirst for thrill. Write a list of fun things to do so the recipient has a list to choose from. Make sure you know where they will primarily be living when they read your letter and get creative! Being able to weigh different options provided by someone who is familiar with their personality and interests, is way better than constantly having to look up ideas online.