A “mental health day” is when you take a day off to “charge your batteries,” or better known as a day where you let your mind settle down and be at ease. Think of how busy your week is and how badly you wish you could just take a break every now and then. Stress is inevitable. With my busy schedule, there’s nothing I appreciate more than a good day of rest. This doesn’t mean a day where I avoid all responsibilities, but it means a day where I relax my body and mind by doing things I love and getting my mind off of the stressful things that consume my daily routine. Without these days, my life wouldn't be as held together as it is now.

Mental health days are just as important as your days spent at work, with family, or at school. With the constant issues you face with time management, work, and studying, the least you deserve is a day to free your mind of those troubles. Maybe you’re wondering “how do I take a mental health day?” You can simply take a walk, watch a movie, or even meditate. Do anything that could get your mind off of everything and just focus on you.

You are not a robot. We, as hard workers, are constantly overworking and exhausting ourselves. We need to realize that our well-being is the most important priority we have. You being the best you possible, not only benefits your life but your relationships with everyone around you. You also get to learn more about yourself. You can discover more things that you enjoy doing by trying new things to escape your mind.

Mental health days relieve your stress and help you from going a little bit “crazy.” They can keep you on track and really make you go into all your work and priorities with a clear mind and healthy spirit. In fact, you can even be more productive after taking a mental health day because your mind takes a little break from all the “frying” you do to it. You don’t need an excuse or a reason to take a mental health day. You just need to make it a common thing in your life.