Your parents always reminded you to call or write a relative on a special event, such as birthdays, holidays (especially Christmas), when a new family member is born or the few times when you need to send a condolence. Face it: we got tired of stopping what we were doing, which probably wasn't that important (we were probably just playing or watching TV), to call a family member and answer the same questions that are always asked. "How's school going, how's sports going, what's the family doing...." and the list goes on. As kids, we didn't realize that those calls and letters were made with love. We never quite fully grasped the point of these brief moments of communication. We didn't know how much they meant to the other person on the receiving end.

Remember the time you had to write a thank you note to a relative you barely know or had to call them and thank them for the gift? Just a reminder of how ridiculous we thought it was to send a thank you note for maybe even a gift you didn't like. In reality, that person spent the time to find the gift and money, so it was a nice gesture that they didn't have to do. I myself lack the wishing to send out thank you cards. Yes, I feel awful, but try your best to send out a thank you note to let them know you appreciate it.

For anyone that has family far away, whether it be a few hours or an entire country away, it's important to stay in touch. It doesn't have to be an everyday thing or even once a week, but every now and then you should call, send a text, or even an email.

People nowadays are so tech savvy and some younger kids might not even know what a postcard is, due to them not being sent like they used to. There are so many new ways you can contact someone, from an e-card over email, or scanning a QR code and receiving a message. Technology is essential in communication, so use it. We are already on our phones 24/7 basically, so put it to use and call a relative.

You'll never know how much that message will mean to both you and whomever you call. We aren't going to be here forever. So take some time out of your day and send a text.

Even if you think about the family member often and wish they were near, how are they going to know that if you don't tell them? Try it. Call a relative you haven't talked to in awhile and let them know how you've been. Believe me, it will make their day.