To The Girl Who Chose a Boy Over Her Friends
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To The Girl Who Chose a Boy Over Her Friends

In the end, I'm not angry, I'm just genuinely hurt.

To The Girl Who Chose a Boy Over Her Friends

In all honesty, when our friendship started, I thought it would last a lifetime. In the short amount of time that you and I knew each other, we learned a lot about one another. We figured out what drives each other crazy, we noticed the signs that showed the other one needed a laugh, and we found out how to do that for one another.

College isn’t easy. College especially isn’t easy when you’re a girl. For a girl, college is about finding yourself, getting good grades, making lifetime friends, and, if one has time, college might be about deciphering which boys have good intentions (and trust me, there are few… but give them a few years and I’m sure that I could be easily proven wrong). College is tough, and with you, I thought I found one of my best friends for life. But I was wrong.

In the end, I don’t hate you. In the end, I’m not angry. In the end, I’m genuinely just really hurt. This letter isn’t to throw shade, it’s not to be petty, it’s not to say “I told you so”, this letter is me just trying to express myself and how I feel about how our friendship ended because I know that we won’t ever have a real conversation. In the end, I know that this boy isn’t the one that you’ll end up marrying. In the end, I know this isn’t the boy that your parents would want for you, that your brothers or sisters would want for you. I know this because I pray every day that if I’m ever blessed with a daughter one day, that she never finds herself falling for a boy anything like him.

When I first met you, you were so happy, you were so full of life and had so many ambitions. Today, I can’t say I honestly know who you are anymore. I know it sounds cliché, but there is no other way to describe it.

You and I both had our high school sweethearts. We both faced heartbreak at either the beginning of our college careers or shortly before. We had deep conversations about how much we regretted isolating ourselves from our friends in high school so that we could be with our boyfriends. We both missed out on the opportunity to make real connections with girls that we went to high school with.

Luckily, I have the friends that I made in middle school and some I made in high school. I know that my friends I made in my hometown, I have for a lifetime. They really are some of the realest girls I’ve ever met. Since you and I got along so well, I really thought that when I introduced them to you, you would be included in our circle and be there with us for life. I know and understand that the one friend that you made through me may not have been all that meaningful to you, but a friend is a friend. At our age, friends are crucial. For you to not only throw away your friendship with her after everything she did for you, but for you to let her and her boyfriend be disrespected the way that they were is not at all okay.

Overall, I just hope that you realize what arguments and conversations are supposed to stay between two people, especially two FEMALES. Sometimes guys have no place in an argument between two girls. Sometimes, conversations are meant to be between two people and two people only. I think that my biggest issue with our entire friendship is that I now know that nothing I ever said to you was kept between you and I. Without trust, a friendship is literally nonexistent.

At the end of the day, you’re a grown ass woman who makes her own decisions. I’ve voiced every opinion I have, just as countless other people have as well. But even if you haven’t listened to anything I’ve had to say from the beginning of our relationship, I would really like you to think about this: sure, you think you found the man you’re going to marry. And if you actually end up marrying him, I’m sure it’ll be a good time, but I won’t be there. So, you have the “man of your dreams” standing across from you, but who are you going to have to hold your bouquet? Who are you going to have to stand by your side in the matching bridesmaids gowns? Who are you going to have to hold your dress while you pee? Who are you going to have to give an embarrassing, drunk speech? You and I have had this conversation before, and just like me, you were limited on names that you had on that list. And now? Well, now you’re down one more.

I would really like to wish you the best, but along with that, just as people who were closer to you than I ever was have already told you, I wish and hope for you that you get back on the path you were on when I first met you; you had huge goals and high expectations for yourself and even higher ones for the man whom you wanted next to you on this crazy ride called life.

Like I said before, I’m more hurt than anything. I’m hurt that I spent the last two years confiding in someone that is an untrustworthy person. I’m hurt that you didn’t have my back. I’m hurt that you don’t listen to and see what everyone has been telling you for all this time. But most importantly, I’m hurt that I have officially lost someone who I once considered my best friend.

P.S. : If the shoe fits, wear it. I didn’t “@” any one specific person in this piece for a reason.

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