To The Girl Who Always Played Victim
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To The Girl Who Always Played Victim

Nobody feels bad for you, but you.

To The Girl Who Always Played Victim

We were such good friends, almost inseparable at times. We shared the same likes, dislikes, ideas, and feelings and had some of the best memories together full of laughter. But all of that was ended after just a short period of time. You’ve probably been saying that it’s my fault; I left you to spend time with someone new. You’ve probably been saying that I’m unappreciative or ungrateful for all the little favors you did for me; I always thanked you for everything you did for me and paid you back in either money or other favors. You’ve probably told our friend that I was the one who talked shit on her when in reality, you were always the one with something rude to say after she left the room. You’ve also probably told people that it was my fault that your car died because I left the passenger light on but it was you who always turned that light on.

My point is, I refuse to let you be the victim in this situation.

I was never one to judge you for your actions or your decisions, but after some time, I realized that no matter how much I tried to help you make better ones for the sake of your feelings and happiness, there was no stopping you from doing whatever you wanted to do. When you started hanging out with a bad group of people, I gave you advice to let them go because all they did was hurt you, but you never listened. You always went back to what hurt you, and as much as I tried to convince you to do otherwise, it never worked. I was always there to be your shoulder to cry on when you needed it, but it became so repetitive in the most ridiculous way. I tried to help you as a true friend and in return, my advice was thrown aside as if it didn’t matter. I told you countless times that they were bad for you and countless times you agreed, but you always returned only to get hurt all over again. At first I felt bad, but after so much of the same cycle, it got old and I can’t say that I didn’t tell you so. I stopped feeling bad for you because you kept putting yourself in the same position. The night your friends completely disrespected me and my space and my property, I really tried to wake you up to who you were associating yourself with and you brushed it off as if it was no big deal. Your lack of self respect and respect for me and my feelings really made me find more respect for myself and realize more of what I deserve, which was why after that moment, I decided that you were not someone I wanted to be around anymore. After that night, I started spending less time with you and more time with other people. You always thought I blew you off for just my boyfriend when I was really making new friendships and rekindling old ones. At least all of those people never made me question the respect they showed me.

You also never took responsibility for your poor judgement in certain situations. God forbid you were ever wrong. But when you were wrong for thinking that our friend didn’t need to go to the hospital in the middle of the night after drinking, I was the one who received a juvenile silent treatment for someone else standing up to you about it. Something that wasn’t my fault instantly was because your feelings were hurt due to your words and actions the night before. I did apologize to you even though I had no reason to, so you can’t say that I never tried to fix things with you. You never owned up to being wrong; instead you cut me off because I was in the right, which made absolutely no sense. I didn’t have to worry about who I was going to hang out with because I had a boyfriend and friends, new and old, who stood by me and encouraged me that I did nothing wrong to you and that I didn’t need that nonsense going on in my life. You thought I started to spread rumors about what you said about that night, when actually going to a small school makes spreading rumors nearly impossible; everyone simply just knows what happens. I guess confiding in my friends for advice and support on the situation would pass as spreading rumors to you since the only friends you had were mine.

I can’t deny that you were a good friend to me for a certain period of time, but after a certain point, your true colors really began to show. I am not going to say that I didn’t change either because I have. Maybe I should have prioritized our friendship more in the last couple months we spoke to each other, but frankly I did not want to be associated with your friends and what they were about and ultimately what I saw you were about. I decided to do what made me feel happier and I do not regret my decisions at all. I know where I stand and I have no real reason to feel sorry for anything. You may say how big and tough you are, but sharing endless tweets about being so "tough" and acting like the victim as much as you have has proved the complete opposite.

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