The Generation For Change
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The Generation For Change

How Millennials everywhere are changing the world.

The Generation For Change

The life of a current millennial is something that is very different than any previous generation. In their lifetimes, we have seen more simultaneous advancement, turmoil, and change than probably any generation before us. In light of recent events, we have seen how even hatred cannot conquer love.

With all that is happening in the world, there have been even more problems than ever before. Although a lot of challenges have come to light, there are still great people out in the world who are going to fix those problems. Not only can they be the leaders of our countries, but they can also be the up and coming people. More specifically, the millennial generation.

Whenever people decide to put down millennials, and the entire generation as a whole, people fail to realize that there are multiple leaders in this generation along with a host of up-and-coming leaders. Whenever someone looks in the present day, there are multiple leaders in the millennial generation that are doing awesome things.

Looking at the other side of the world, Prince William is an avid millennial, who has been highly publicized as a driving force in England as the Duke of Cambridge. He has recently launched a campaign called "Heads Together" breaking the stigma for Mental Health. He is an avid supporter of multiple charities such as Tusk Trust and Centrepoint; he is known for dedicating his time for the greater good of the world. Next in line after his father, and having a charismatic, smart Duchess wife, he has shown that he is great asset to Britain and a phenomenal representation of the millennial generation.

Next we take a look at a younger leader: Malala Yousafzai. Years ago, in the face of evil in Afghanistan, she stepped up for what was right. Being only 15 years old, she advocated for girl's education and put herself in harms way to make sure that her fellow girls received an education. Taliban forces tried to silence her but we see that this young girl came back stronger than ever. Even with evil, truth, valor, and courage defeat anything that comes in close to it. Now, in 2016, she is the youngest person to ever receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

Finally, If you're looking for someone who has impacted the social media world, look no further than Mark Zuckerberg. What started out as a simple application for social media has now turned in to something that is used worldwide to connect its users no matter where they are. An avid philanthropist, innovator, and tech savvy man, he has proven that through diversity that you can make change even from starting at your own college campus.

When people look at millennials they think that they are the generation of social media, complainers, and being "raised to be offended." When taking a deeper look in to what the generation is, you can see so much greatness on all fronts. From social justice to innovation, millennials are everywhere, making amazing moves against all odds.

Changes are being made for all, and that is exactly what this generation is here for: change.

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