The Freshman Fifteen: Not Measured in Lbs
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Student Life

The Freshman Fifteen: Not Measured in Lbs

Who ever said the Freshman Fifteen was measured in lbs alone?

The Freshman Fifteen: Not Measured in Lbs

With the expectations of today's rather cruel society, the already lengthy list of college concerns has grown to include the Freshman Fifteen. Yet, who ever said the Freshman Fifteen was a bad thing? Those who had a poor college experience, that's who. You see, while the potential to gain weight as a Freshman is entirely understandable, so is the possibility of gaining much more. No one said the Freshman Fifteen had to be strictly measured in lbs, so here's some other Freshman fifteens to add to your plate.

15 Friends

You will meet a lot of people in college. It certainly won't be on the first day, but you will, and while no one can top the childhood friends you've spent a lifetime with, these new friends will come to a close second.15 Destinations

Play your cards right, and the location of your selected college will take you places you've never been before. If you want an ocean in your backyard, try California. Interested in endless hikes and some of the best skiing in the country? Try Utah. And then there's New York, the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Don't even get me started on travel abroad, I mean, why would ANYONE want to see the world? Why would you choose to make everyday an adventure or lifelong memory? Beats me.

15 Failures

Mistakes are how you learn. I can't tell you how many times I heard that one as a little kid. Ironically, it's at the age of 18, when you're legally considered an adult, that your new self-accountability will lead to more mistakes than ever before. When you sleep in, you miss the shuttle, and walk in late to class. You make the mistake once, maybe twice; but since mistakes are how you learn, it's unlikely to happen again. Don't fear the inevitable failures. Embrace them, and emerge as a changed person.

15 Credits

Really though, a full-time collegiate schedule entails 12-18 credits of coursework.

15 Daily Inspirations

"The College Experience": it truly is preparation for the "real world", and is thus far harder than the high school experience. This being said, you can be sure that each student in attendance has a dream, a vision, or hope for themselves. On any given day, the people you pass are working to receive the degrees that will build the future, and when in the presence of these brilliant beings, you'll see that anything is possible.

15 New Appreciations

This is college. Gone are the days of study-free holiday breaks, decent eating habits and free time. Let's all take a moment of silence for home-cooked meals and the social lives we once had. Here's to you childhood, you will be missed.

15 Pet Peeves

While it's true that turning 18 legally classifies one as an adult, you'll be shocked to step on campus and find that many act more like children. From the major-bashers to the bikers who nearly topple pedestrians, the collegiate scene is occasionally reminiscent of the kindergarten playground. You'll meet people who annoy you and people who press your buttons... but that's a part of growing up!

15 Skills

Laundry and dishes and bill-pay, oh my! Taxes and FAFSA make some want to cry. And yet, college is the perfect place to learn these invaluable skills in culmination of one another. In the ever-present chaos of college, completing tasks as simple as these may make you feel on top of the world.

15 Reasons to Quit

If you have yet to ask yourself "is this really worth it?", then you probably haven't been in college for long. To attend college is an experience like none other. Under no circumstance is it to be made light of. When you pay that hefty tuition bill each semester, it's as if you're investing thousands of dollars for all nighters, sleep deprivation, homework anxiety and lower grades. The deadlines are strict; the timeframes impossible, and no amount of coffee can replenish your energy, so is it really worth it? It's not for everyone, and that's just fine. But if in a moment of weakness you've forgotten that you belong in college, take a moment, and remember why you came.

15 Reasons to Keep Going

Everyday, the reasons to keep going tend to outweigh the reasons to quit, but you have to see past sleep deprivation, lower grades and financial worries to recognize them. Take the time to breath and refocus. Remember that no matter what your Freshman Fifteen looks like, there is always an infinite number of reasons to smile.

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