The Freshman ABCs Of Syracuse
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Student Life

The Freshman ABCs Of Syracuse

Whether you're a freshman or a freshman at heart, this list will relate to the freshman in you.

The Freshman ABCs Of Syracuse
I'm Shmacked

A — Acropolis

On weekdays you can find the townies. On weekend days, you can find the drunk people making a pit stop after a tailgate or "darty" (day party). On the weekend nights, you can find the drunk people making a pit stop before the next party or sealing the deal after a night out with some wings or pizza.

B — Basketball

Jim Boheim. Carrier Dome. Elite Eight baby. Let's go CUSE!

C — Canada Goose

You know you go to Syracuse when all you see is $1,000 waddling through the Quad in the snow. All that coyote fur makes it hard to see your friends' faces, so be on high alert, and if you think you know someone, you could be wrong because everyone has the same jacket.

D — DJs On The Hill

This is your typical freshman bar that smells like hormones, sweat, alcohol and, of course, regrets. This is not only a bar, but also paradise for freshmen to satisfy their dirty desires.

E — Energy

You cannot survive at Syracuse if you don't have a ton of energy. Do what you gotta do -- drink coffee, take your Adderall, buy some Red Bull. The typical SU student has little downtime as we are always doing something fun.

F — Fun

One thing that you really did not know the meaning of before your life began at Syracuse.

G — GrubHub

Your primary source for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drunk food and munchies. When you get the call saying your Calio's is here, you hold in your tears of joy as you stumble down to greet your savior (delivery guy).

H — Hangovers

I can guarantee you that your worst hangovers will come while you're at Syracuse. For me, they didn't really begin until 5 o'clock Sunday evening after a long weekend.

I — Illadelph

You know what I mean. Cough, cough. Literally.

J — Juice Jam

There is no better way to welcome Syracuse students back to school after summer vacation than a huge concert outside hosted by dope artists. The pregame starts and you know CUSE is going to be great.

K — Kissing Bench

Legend has it that if you sit / kiss on the famous kissing bench outside the Hall of Languages, you and that person are destined to be married. Sit at your own risk!

L — Lazybones

All I have to say is I will not have gotten through my semesters here without laundry service. (Even though sometimes my clothes have shrunken.)

M — Mount Olympus

If you were lucky enough to live on the Mount where the two best freshman dorms are located, then you hold the same appreciation for those 250-something stairs you had to climb everyday (or not).

N — No Sleep

The typical college triangle -- sleep, social life, grades -- doesn't exist here. There is no time for sleeping at CUSE. Sleep is for the weak. You can sleep when you're dead.

O — Otto

You know you're a freshman (possibly even at heart) when you see Otto walking around campus, jumping around, taking pictures with people and you get excited. Of course you then have to be one of those people who run up to him and take a selfie.

P — Pregame

Here at Syracuse, if you don't leave the pregame blacked out, go back and do it right.

Q — Quality Food (Rather A Lack Of)

When you get tired of the awful dining hall food, which happens slowly, then all at once, you turn to GrubHub. And when you get tired of the same food, also not so great, on GrubHub, you turn to eating out in Downtown Syracuse. And when you realize there's only about three restaurants worth eating at, you become their biggest customer.

R — Running To Bars

"Call the cab for 10:30 p.m.!"

"I don't want to call! Can you?"

"Just do it. And hurry. I want to get to DJ's before the line gets big."

S — Schine

At first, freshmen tend to stay away from Schine. But once they realize how glorious it is to have Dunkin' Donuts right next to the Quad, they go all the time.

T — Tailgate

"Are you going to Comstock?"

"Yes, are you?"

"Obviously, I just have to find my Raybans and then we're out."

U — Unanswered Texts

Whether you're guilty of ignoring that guy at the bar who won't stop texting you to try and come over, or you're the victim of the girl who seemed like she was into it before, we're all familiar with this.

V — Vodka Redbull

The go-to drink of choice. Tastes like candy and sweet, sweet mistakes.

W — Walk Of Shame

Let me tell you, you have never experienced

X — ?

The lack of terminology for this one represents all of those nights where you just don't remember anything.

Y — 'Y' Did I Do That?

"Do you remember what you did last night?"


"You got up on the bar, and flashed everyone."

"Ugh, why did I do that?

Z — ZBT After Hours

The best place to wind up after a rowdy night at DJs.

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