College Student’s Declassified: Delaware Survival Guide
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College Student’s Declassified: Delaware Survival Guide

Ten things about Delaware that we all have a love-hate relationship with.

College Student’s Declassified: Delaware Survival Guide


1. The worst dorms are actually the best dorms. Trust me.

We all know how east campus living, with the exception of South Academy, is terrible. No air conditioning, small rooms, bugs in the basement, community showers. Not to mention if you live on an upper floor, there are no elevators, and the stairs are killer. But, because of these horrible living conditions, you will get super close, maybe even too close, with your floor. I'll spare you the details since I already wrote about this in my article a few weeks ago, but my floor and I bonded over the poor living conditions. Living in Lane, I met my lifelong best friends. If I could go back to freshman year and have the choice between a nicer dorm or the one I lived in, I'd choose Lane in a heartbeat.

2. Boys- don't expect to party unless you rush. Period.

Though I hate that this is the case, it is inevitable. Frat boys don't mess around when it comes to turning down boys at the door, even if you know someone inside. All I can tell you is to rush. It might be hard and time-consuming, but the ends justify the means. You get tons of awesome friends, unlimited partying, and a resume builder. I mean, you could always go to those sports house parties, but why do that to yourself?

3. Expect rain on Tuesdays. Literally every Tuesday.

When I first heard this rumor, I laughed it off. We all know the weather has been very bipolar these last few years, but how can one place consistently have rain on the same day every week, right? Wrong. It does rain every. Single. Tuesday. It is strange, but it is true. Make sure to bring those rain boots, and don't roll your eyes when your mom asks if you need an umbrella. You do.

4. Do NOT make it a goal to be featured on UdelDaily.

Personally, I love going through UdelDaily's Instagram and seeing all of the funny, crazy things people catch on video. But, I would never want to be a star of one. You never know who could end up seeing these videos, so just be careful. You can be an idiot, but be careful when there are cameras around

5. When your friends from home visit, it's like your two (very different) worlds collide.

You know those cross-over episodes on Disney channel when they mix a bunch of popular shows, like "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana?" That's the best way I can describe it. It's like a bunch of your favorite, unrelated things all mixed together. Nothing makes me smile bigger than my different groups of friends getting along and having fun together.

6. No matter how cute that boy who lives down the hall is, please do not commit floorcest.

Though this wasn't very prevalent on my freshman floor, I have heard one too many horror stories about floorcest. I know firsthand that living among new people, specifically of the opposite gender, is a big adjustment for some people. But, let this group of people be your best friends, and nothing more. All floorcest does is stir up unnecessary awkwardness not only for the two of you, but probably for the rest of the floor too. All you can do is avoid this at all costs.

7. Expect the "Freshman Plague," and expect student health to be little to no help.

It is unexplainable, but everyone gets sick and stays sick for almost the entire first year of living in a dorm. It could be living in such close quarters with so many people in dirty, dusty, tiny rooms. But, there is no avoiding the Freshman Plague. And, odds are student health will misdiagnose you at least four times before you finally make the long journey to Urgent Care on Main Street. Pro-tip from someone who spent way too much time in student health- go to Urgent Care first. It is worth the trip.

8. The POD will be your best friend at all times.

The POD is probably the most glorious place on the entire Delaware campus. They are open late enough to grab a Subway sandwich after going out, a midnight snack on school nights, or a last-minute Starbucks DoubleShot Energy coffee while studying for finals. The POD is always there for you when you need it most. But be careful when spending your points and flex. If you're anything like me, you will go through them within the first four weeks of the semester, and resort to paying cash. This is not something that your bank account will be happy about.

9. Never take the hungover, morning after partying chats with your besties for granted.

My friends and I call this "story time." The moments I cherish most from freshman year are these long, hilarious chats where we talk about all of the crazy things that happened the night before. Though we were all together when these things happened, it is so funny to hear it all again the next day over bagels and coffee. We would laugh until we cried, take a recovery nap together, and then get up and get ready to do it all again.

10. But, because of all of these things, you will love it here at Delaware.

I know some of these things sounded like complaints, but Delaware wouldn't be Delaware for me without each and every one of these experiences.

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