19 Reasons Why Barry Allen Would Be The Best Boyfriend Ever
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19 Reasons Why Barry Allen Would Be The Best Boyfriend Ever

He’ll save the city, and steal your heart, in a flash!

19 Reasons Why Barry Allen Would Be The Best Boyfriend Ever

If you have yet to watch The Flash, do so immediately. You will most likely begin crushing on the leading man within minutes of watching because he's everything you'd want in a partner. He is the Flash, a hero born when Barry Allen is struck by lightning one fateful night. Barry Allen is one of my personal favorites as far as superheroes go. Portrayed by the ever-charming Grant Gustin, he certainly fits the bill for best boyfriend, and here's why:

1. He’s a hero

Countless people have been saved by the unstoppable Flash. Barry is intrepid and courageous, a hero to strangers all over Central City. Eddie thinks Barry's a hero, too!

2. He’s selfless and kind

With that heroism comes his proclivity for kindness and putting the lives of others over his own. Not many can say they’d be willing to sacrifice themselves for strangers, but Barry can. He's always there to instill hope in those he loves, reassuring them when they are losing faith.

3. He’s funny

Another one of the funniest Barry Allen moments, in my opinion, was when Barry mimicked Julian’s accent back when they weren’t so friendly. I could not stop laughing

4. He'll take silly selfies with you

5. He’s adorably goofy and awkward

Awkwardness is endearing, and Barry has no shortage of it. He's prone to bumping into things and fumbling over words when trying to come up with excuses. We all know we love him for his awkward or goofy moments.

6. He’s not hard on the eyes

Tall with a sweep of brown hair and a Hollywood smile, Barry is one handsome fellow. He looks good in a suit...super suit and the normal kind.

7. He sings

You can count on Barry to serenade you when proposing or to melt your heart as he sings “Summer Nights” during karaoke. Who doesn't love a musically inclined guy?

8. He’ll come runnin' home to you

Or he’ll sing about it with twinkling eyes and a sweet smile.

9. He's intelligent

Nothing is more attractive than intelligence. Barry may sound like he's speaking in another language sometimes as he rambles on and on about physics and other fields of science that we may not fully comprehend, but he is one smart dude!

10. He asks the real questions

What else would you ask the infamous Oliver Queen about his vigilante suit? Seems reasonable to me.

11. He’s romantic

If a singing proposal doesn’t do it for you, Barry will buy you an apartment or whisk you away to an incredible venue for a fancy date. Or maybe he’ll speed off to find the best caviar for you—he did do that for Iris! Plus, as a bonus, Barry knows how to speak like he's stealing lines from a Nicholas Spark book!

12. He's loyal

He will always be there for his friends and family, and if he's aligning with a not-so-nice guy (like Captain Cold) for the greater good, he'll be loyal to them, too. An honorable gentleman, Barry is.

13. He's honest

Barry's just saying what we're all thinking.

14. He’s a family man

Family first. Barry is a good son, to Joe and to his real parents, loving them with everything he has. Though he couldn’t save his real parents in the end, he tried unremittingly. Does anyone else cry every time they watch that scene where his dad is in prison and Barry tells him he isn't ashamed of him? I sure do!

15. He's protective

Barry will not let any harm come to you, no matter what Earth he is from.

I think we ought to take a minute to appreciate this cute, nerdy look.

16. He'll watch Netflix with you

17. He's determined

When Barry sets his mind to something, he will fight and push and never stop until he is successful.

(He's saying "game on")

18. He'll share his food with you

Well, sometimes...

19. He's not perfect

Based every other item on this list, you'd probably think Barry Allen is perfect, making him the perfect boyfriend, but he's far from it. Even with his super-speed, he's human...he makes mistakes, he falls, he gives up, he lashes out, and he keeps his walls up. In spite of all of that, he manages to maintain his integrity, his loyalty, and all of the other things I've mentioned above. He's one of the greatest perfectly imperfect superheroes of all time, and anyone would be lucky to date him. (If only he weren't fictional...) We love you, Barry!

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