The Exact Emotional Progression Of Your First Day Of College, Told By Spongebob
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The Exact Emotional Progression Of Your First Day Of College, Told By Spongebob

I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready.

The Exact Emotional Progression Of Your First Day Of College, Told By Spongebob

Our little spongey friend who I love dearly is at it again to explain the first day of college. The first day of college honestly kinda sucks, like you can try to keep that spirit up but, all in all, you're going back to school. However, we tend to recognize college differs immensely from high school. So basically here's how it goes...

1. The night before

Some of you might be showering and getting to bed at a decent hour but most of us are not doing that, we're trying to savor that last "summer" night.

2. When your alarm goes off

To push snooze or to not?

3. Getting ready for class

Most of us will probably sit there and debate whether or not its worth it to look decent. Almost always do people decide first impressions are worth the hassle, some however brush their teeth and leave in their pajamas.

4. Walking to class

Here we go, we're in this fully now. Walking to class...hopeful and somewhat happy, maybe even kinda excited.

5. Sitting in class after five minutes

6. When the teacher tells you how much your textbook will be LOL

Yeah sorry since I'm paying $40,000 to go here I actually cannot afford a $300 textbook for each class.

7. Going back to your dorm like...

Even though you've probably only been learning things for about 3 hours.

8. Then your parents call you

"No mom I did not make a single friend." "Hey dad wanna put money on my account, pretty please I won't ask again for a little..."

9. Then your roommate comes back

And you two act like you've been apart way longer than a couple of hours.

10. Next, you begin your same destructive lifestyle choices

As if you don't have to wake up for class tomorrow too...

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