The Feeling Of Never Being Ahead Of Yourself

The stress levels the average person feels these days seems higher than ever. You hear the phrase "I feel so stressed" way more than you hear "I feel so good." In a way, it's very saddening that mostly everybody is stressing about something at all times. I've noticed with the people around me, and myself, that stressful feeling is coming from never feeling like being ahead.

Never feeling ahead of yourself could mean many things. For instance, you may never feel ahead of your school work. On average, classes happen 5 days a week which means 5 days, at the least, of school work to do. The best way to manage that is to do homework everyday, but we need time for ourselves to relax. However, when we take time to relax we suddenly fall behind. That then leads to drowning in school work. It is a never ending cycle of constantly doing work that you were drowning in, getting ahead and relaxing, then drowning in work again.

Another situation is just life in general. You may not feel ahead because you have no idea of what actually is ahead of you. You don't know what to do next, so you don't do anything. It doesn't feel like life is taking you anywhere, so you don't try to go anywhere. There are no opportunities coming to you, so you don't put yourself out there out of lack of confidence. Feeling behind in life is the worst thing to feel behind about, because it's you and your future on the line.

Will any of us actually get ahead? What does being ahead really mean? Do any of us actually know? Maybe when we are all retired and living with our old husbands and wives we will finally know what it feels like to be ahead. Until then, we will be stuck in these never ending cycles.

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