The Fear of Success
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Student Life

The Fear of Success

Working to be better but fearing the Future

The Fear of Success

The concept of fearing success may sound crazy to some. I thought it was too until I actually thought about it. As a college, a senior majority of your school year is spent applying for jobs and going on interviews. As I allocate about 10 hours a week to doing this I get this sudden urge to stop in fear I won't be good enough. It was minor at first but the more I grow the more the fear explodes in me. SO what exactly is this feeling? Am I afraid to make it in life or afraid to make it and be proven not to be good enough?

Every day I work to build a brand that I hope one day will impact more girls like me to succeed. I watched my channel on youtube grow from zero to 26 like it was overnight. (It may not seem a lot to you but if you knew me this would make you leap off of walls). I watched myself start on WordPress and then spend 2 months building a website fit for me and my art. I worked for hours a day reading on how to be the best blogger, and yet, I still fear the fact of growing. I want to be amazing but the fear of not enough always playing in the back of my mind. I mean I'm a fragile person anyway but success scares me deep. I see people working on their goals and asking what's next and I can't even fathom how they did it.

Now that I have poured out my emotions, let me tell you how I'm going to fix it NOW. Yes, I do fear the act of growing but it won't stop me. Somedays I don't want to email the companies who are interested me blogging or working wise. Then I remember, nothing was achieved in the comfort zone. Everything I want is not where I sit today but on planes and worlds, I haven't tapped into yet. I work to be a voice for the young girls who haven't quite "glowed up yet" I do it for the women who society told them that because you don't look like a Kardashian you don't deserve the praise. I do it for every woman who woke up wondering if she was good enough.

I just wanna leave by saying it's okay to be scared, but don't let it stop you. Find your voice even when it's lost amongst others. Work harder to prove to yourself you can do it. Find your passion in life and run with it hard. Building a brand or climbing the corporate ladder is not going to be easy but so worth it. We only see the success of our favorite but not the hard work. Imagine if you stay where you were right now; would you be happy? If not, Conquer the world now. We have 24 hours in a day , today is the day to squeeze the life out of them.

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