When I joined The Odyessy two years ago I never thought I’d be writing about it coming to an end. Through the years, I have made some amazing friends that have turned into a big family. Mississippi State Odyessy girls are truly some of the funniest people and I wouldn’t have traded them for the world. Thank you for the memories, girls.

Writing for me was always an outlet, it helped me express myself in ways I couldn’t verbally. I’ve recently come to a point where I have to put myself before other things. Between having a job and being a full time student, keeping up with writing was getting to be a bit stressful. I am thankful for my amazing editor and our president who fully understood why I must step back from writing and focus on moving forward.

I know this article is short and not as lengthy as I would like it to be, but there are no words for how grateful I was to write for such an amazing group of people. Keep writing, y’all and never let MS State Odyessy die out. I love y’all forever. Thank you all so much.