The Electronic Toothpaste Spill

The Electronic Toothpaste Spill

Once it's out; there's no putting it back.

We live in an immediate gratification era because where and when we want something we do it, when we feel something we say it and when we want attention we get it. While this is incredible because we literally have the world at our fingertips, but it can also be dangerous.

Let me explain a bit with an old metaphor of the bottle of toothpaste. When you want the toothpaste you squeeze it open and get your paste. If you squeeze too much you’re stuck with having to have a mouth full of paste or washing half of it down the drain. My teachers always related this to words and actions. In a nutshell, they said that once you say or do something you cannot undo it. If you say something nasty about someone you can’t take it back. Even if you say you want to take it back it doesn’t matter because the thought has been expressed and whoever heard can never unhear it. Yes, they can forgive you and move on, but you can’t completely forget the words or how it made you feel. And the same goes with our actions.

One action in particular that I think resonates with this metaphor is posting on social media.

We literally post our lives and frankly too much of them on our social media accounts. Everyone thinks that they have the right opinion to share that will change the entire mind of society and believe me not all of these opinions are pearls. For example, take the election season, this is the time I believe people get incredibly aggressive especially on social media. And believe you me, I know that people are passionate and I am not saying they don’t have a right to be. By all means, express your beliefs, but please have some civility in your social engagement don’t just belittle others for the sake of “winning” an argument. If anything takes advantage of the moment as an educational opportunity with as little all-caps sentence as possible.

I think we all know better than to assume that we can completely get rid of our digital history. Social media is the electronic paper trail we leave behind us as we engage in a different platform. Take Snapchat for example, those photos are not entirely deleted. They are probably sitting in a server somewhere not to mention the fact that you can screenshot the photos. Sure you get notified but it’s not like you can instantly stop somebody from then sharing the photo and so on spreading like a wildfire. Not every screenshot will end in doom, not the point, but there needs to a caution when sending pictures back and forth to each other. As well as Instagram it can easily also be screenshotted and used against you. Now people who follow you can send your photo to others.

All that being said a picture is worth a thousand words and what do yours say?

Lately everyone is so worried about their aesthetic that it doesn’t seem to be quite as big of an issue. However, people get themselves into a lot of hot water over photos and words. People have been fired over Facebook posts and others aren’t even considered for the position because of their social media feed.

Consider this: You’re social media is a projection of you. Often times it is the first impression someone gets before even meeting you. And you can bet your bottom dollar that people get the wrong impression just from seeing social media accounts. Look at Tinder, lol, people decide if they want to engage with others based off of five photos and like maybe 100 characters or less of description.

This is not actual toothpaste that you can wash down the drain and forget about. Before you post mull it over if it is actually appropriate. Don’t hinder your self expression but don’t put something out there that you will regret.

Cover Image Credit: Becca Steele

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9 Ways To Have Fun While NOT Partying On The Weekend In Bloomington

Parties can be fun, but you don't have to spend all of your weekends going to them. Here are 9 of my favorite ways to branch out!

I know what you are thinking: “What a lame article.” Everyone loves a good party, but sometimes it is good to branch out and try new things. Here is a list of my favorite things to do on the weekend while still staying out of trouble.

1. Mini Golf

Every time I’m in the mall I pass by this new glow-in-the-dark Mini Golf place. It looked pretty neat and it’s a great activity to do with your friends. Whether you are good at sports or not, you are guaranteed to have fun. I mean who could pass up mini golf? (Not to mention glow-in-the-dark mini golf??)

2. Anthony’s Pets

The classic go-to in Bloomington. Hit up Anthony’s Pets for a fun time with puppies. Nobody with a heart can resist puppy love. (They have other animals too!!)

3. Movie night

Great for a night in with your friends or if you want to switch things up and go to the movies, you can do that too! There are plenty of great movies out right now and coming up! Some of those include Black Panther, Jumanji, and The Greatest Showman.

4. Hiking & Staying in a Cabin

Some of my favorite nights are nights we have spent at my friend’s cabin. Hiking and staying in Brown County is an awesome activity to get into when there is not much happening around campus. Bring cards and your speaker and it’s bound to be fun.

5. Sober for a pair

Here’s an unusual idea. If you are involved in Greek Life on campus, offer to sober monitor for one of your house’s socials. You get the fun of going to the party, but don’t feel obligated to drink. It’s the best of both worlds when you are just not feeling it.

6. Support your favorite IU team

There are always games going on the weekends. Tickets are super cheap or admission is free for a lot of sports. Some of the best games are ones you get to go to with a bunch of your friends. Leaving your dorm or apartment is fun for a change of scenery, especially when so many people go to these games. Get out there and see what’s happening! I personally love the basketball games.

7. Escape Room

There is a new Escape Room experience in Bloomington called Locked Up. It is fun for all ages and great for when you have guests! Trying new things is really fun and this is a great bonding experience for people looking to take big groups. I did one in Indy, and it ends up being something you talk about all the time. Plus they are currently running a promo for Valentines Day! Use the code ‘Vday2018’ when you checkout.

8. The Comedy Attic

This is a great one for the older crowds. With different shows every weekend, it is so much fun to go and eat dinner with your friends while you get some good laughs in. People love the entertainment. They also have kid-friendly shows as well!

9. Bowling at the IMU

Bowling is an awesome activity for when your group just can’t decide on what to do. Everyone loves a good competition. It’s super cheap for students to go and there are other games to do once you are in!

Cover Image Credit: Hannah George

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5 Problems You Have If You're A Super Messy Person

You might as well just embrace who you are.

Being a messy person comes with its struggles, laziness topping off the list.

It is especially difficult to keep tidy in college, where you're living on your own or with a roommate, and you don’t have your parents to tell you to go clean up your room or do chores. If you've ever left a trail of crumbs accidentally letting everyone you live with know where you've been, you understand that with great messiness comes great burden. Neat freaks always think that they have it the worst, but here are five problems that prove that being messy is no walk in the park either.

1. You never know where any of your things are.

The mess that you've created has no sense of structure. Nothing makes sense about where you've thrown your things other than that it was the closest place to put it. Outsiders cringe at the sight of your belongings spread out in the most confusing ways. Finding your remote or keys is the most difficult task in the world.

2. But on a more real level, you know exactly where everything is.

Cleaning up is the worst. Somehow, a messy person can manage to tell which clothes in a huge pile of combined clean and dirty have been worn just by a quick glance. There is a method to the madness, so when someone tries to move something you begin to panic. That deck of cards on your dresser packed in with all your makeup? Yeah, it's meant to be there. The sunglasses in the cup where you put all of your highlighters? It was intentionally thrown in there. That empty box that’s been there for two weeks? It's still out for a reason.

3. You feel bad for your roommate/parent/anyone who has to live with you.

Your roommate is constantly cleaning, vacuuming, taking out the trash and more to keep your shared space livable and tidy, so a small part of you feels horrible that you make it such a mess for them, because God knows you aren't going to be the one cleaning it up. Yet, you never cease to amaze yourself at how lazy you are when it comes to actually being motivated enough to clean things for yourself.

4. It's impossible to know where to even begin when cleaning.

Beginning to clean is a nightmare. Where to start? The desk looks messy, but so does the dresser. The bed isn't made yet, but there are clothes all over it. Too much is happening at once, so it's just better to leave it be altogether and take a nap instead. You thought about cleaning, and it's the thought that counts.

5. You always say you're going to change, but it never happens.

Actions speak louder than words, and even though this time you promised yourself that you're going to be a better roommate and actually clean up for yourself, you never will. Another New Year's resolution down the drain. Being messy is in your nature, and you might as well just embrace who you are instead of trying to be someone you're not.

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