Logan Paul Is Becoming Officially Cancelled And We're Only Two Months Into 2018

Logan Paul Is Becoming Officially Cancelled And We're Only Two Months Into 2018

The down fall of Logan Paul.

We've been hearing the name "Logan Paul" for the last two months now due to the scandal surrounding him recording a video of himself in front of a dead body that recently committed suicide. The platform, YouTube, didn't really set forth real consequences on him immediately following the video but more or so to the four hundred million content creators by implementing new policies that prevent them from even creating videos and hurt the content creator community.

He recently went on an apology tour and spoke the message of making sure his younger viewers, who are his main fanbase, are protected from inappropriate and violate content and are also well informed about suicide.

But then he comes back online after a three-week hiatus and he decides to bring back the viewers by using a taser on two dead rats. Logan Paul showed that he didn't learn his lesson even after the public scrutiny and backlash over his actions. Now we are seeing the punishments being enforced by the company himself.

In a recent interview with prominent Youtuber Casey Neistat, Youtube executive chief business officer Robert Kyncl spoke on the recent policy changes to the platform since the scandal happened. He didn't address the Paul situation directly but said this:

We were trying to formulate our response, and of course with Logan and a lot of his projects for original productions, there are hundreds of people involved, people whose paychecks depend on it,” he says. “We don’t want to make a rash decision that impacts so many people’s livelihoods. It’s not just Logan. It’s many other people.”

The interview was done at the end of January after new content creator policies were implemented and before Logan Paul's recent video caused controversy. So let's just go through all of his punishments that have been put forth in the last seven weeks.

He's been banned from the country of Japan after disrespecting and offending the culture and people. He's been either fired from his TV show, The Foursome, on YouTube Red after being on for four seasons. The sequel to his YouTube Red movie, The Thinning: Uprising, has been put on hold of release as producers plan to recast his character.

He's been taken off of Google preferred and demoted to earning basic ad revenue instead of the high earning ad displays. His projects that were in development have been canceled. The clothing company, Maverick, is suing Paul for $4 million for copyright their name for his clothing line. Now, As of February 9th, 2018, YouTube has temporally suspended ad revenue from his YouTube channels.

YouTube's golden boy, know as the Kim Kardashian of YouTube is watching his empire fall apart from under his feet. The top tier of the crop is suffering the consequences of his reckless and idiotic actions. This is a message to people who take part in social media and want to be content creators.

The constant need to stay relevant and the high of fame and money can cause you to lose all sense of morality and common sense. Let this be a lesson to millennials that once you post something online, you are putting yourself in situations where there are consequences.

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Cover Image Credit: Wikia

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